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Content Marketing for eCommerce: What to Write and Where to

Content marketing can be a game-changer for eCommerce websites. You can reach a wider audience and build your business into a brand with an effective content strategy. Yet most eCommerce business owners struggle to generate content and share them.

So, here we will discuss what you can write and where you can share your content to get the most out of your content strategy.

You can research your competitors, ask your audience, or tap into your experience to generate appealing content to help your target audience. You can utilize different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube to share your content. Let’s discuss them in detail.

What to Write?

The goal of your content should be to help your audience solve their problems. When you offer a solution to their problem, they feel more confident choosing your product or service while investing in your business.

So, the first thing you need to ask is what problems your audience is facing and how you can solve them. Once you have answered those questions, you can build content around those solutions and demonstrate tutorials if necessary. If you want, you can hire content marketing service providers to help you as well. 

If you are not sure about the problems, you can go for the following methods.

Competitor Analysis

As more and more companies are shifting their business online, there are multiple businesses offering similar products and services. Therefore, you can start by analyzing blogs of similar businesses that of yours.

Find out what your competitors are writing about. What distinguishes them from your products or services. Where they have not worked much, and the format of their content. Then you can build your content strategy around your competitors’ ones.

Make sure you add value to your content. If your content doesn’t satisfy your customers’ needs, it won’t generate much value for your business. Therefore, you will need to craft your content accordingly that can generate value for your website.

Asking Your Audience

Connecting with your audience on a personal level can give you better insights into what to write on your website. The audience can feel the necessity of a solution more than the ones selling it. So, you can utilize this idea to generate your content ideas.

You may already have a bunch of loyal consumers, or you are in a social media group where your audience hangs out. So, you can ask them questions about their biggest challenges and expectations. Their answers can give you brilliant ideas for your future content.

If you don’t find the above-mentioned situations relatable, you can simply go to Quora or similar websites where people can ask questions about hundreds of different topics. You can simply find out your niche and see what the most asked questions are. This will also help you to generate ideas.

Tap into Your Experience

When you are building your businesses, you have already faced some problems for which you have built your solutions. You can utilize those experiences and insights to generate unique content for your audience.

You will be surprised to know how many people have faced similar challenges that you have and looking for a suitable solution. When you are sharing your method, your audience will replicate your solution. This will build trust between you and your audience. 

Utilize multiple content formats to diversify your marketing strategy. It will also allow you to share your content on multiple channels and drive traffic to your website from those platforms. 

When you are constantly generating helpful, relevant, and fresh content, your website will be considered an authority in your niche. Therefore, your business will be established as a brand, and search engines will show your website on the first page of the search results.

Where to Share Your Content?

Now that you have excellent content on your website, it is time to promote them to drive traffic to your website. Social media channels can be quite helpful in this manner. 

Most of your audience spends a certain time on social media. So, you need to find out where the majority of your audience spends their time and optimize your content to be shareable on that platform.

Social media marketing is just a small part of your overall eCommerce business strategy. However, it can effectively help your business to generate fresh leads and gather your audience to your website.

Here are a few social media sites for your content to share:


Instagram is an amazing platform for visual content. So, if your products or services have lots of images, this is a platform you can use to share your content.

However, most Instagram users belong to the younger generation. Therefore, if your product is targeted at older people, it may not be the best platform for you to promote your content.


If your products are text-driven and informational, Twitter will be a great platform to promote your business. You can share your blog posts with short descriptions on this platform. 

However, Twitter has a word limit of 280 characters. So, you will need to be creative about your words while sharing on Twitter.


Facebook has been a popular platform in the past. However, this platform is still relevant and constantly improving. 

You can already have a huge number of followers on Facebook or find groups that can help you find relevant audiences for your website.


If your business’s target audience is business-minded individuals, LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for you. You can share written content and even make a portfolio for your business on this social media platform.


If your products need tutorial videos, or your content’s primary format is videos, YouTube is the platform for you to consider. You can easily generate a huge following when sharing videos on this platform.

Bottom Line

Generating content and sharing them can bring out crucial differences in your business. Your overall success can be influenced by content marketing practices. So, make sure you follow the best practices in this manner.

When you follow the above tips to generate content and share them, you can market your business successfully and generate better conversion rates.

If you are still struggling with your content marketing, make sure to consult a professional. They can help you generate a better content strategy and bring better results for your business.

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