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7 Common Mistakes in Writing Quality Content

Writing is hard. Even for people who love it.

It requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention talent and skill. And that’s just writing a simple blog post – imagine the extra challenges faced by the copywriters at an advertising agency or the heads of content at a publishing house. It’s not easy to craft quality content.

So, what happens when you don’t do it right?

Well, besides annoying your readers, you’re hurting your business in more ways than one. You better hire the right content writing service providing companies or agencies.

Last year, I wrote about how bad writing can cause serious problems for businesses. But I think we all know how important good writing is to marketing efforts – whether it’s on your website, ads, or other promotional materials.

Content writing services are integral to the success of any content marketing campaign. Content is king for all content agencies, no matter how large or small. Marketing content is vital to a business’s success. Customers click and convert on content they find interesting. This is what drives a business to success.

Do you know 70 percent of marketers are actively engaged in content marketing? According to a HubSpot report, marketers also view it as an “important” component of their overall business strategy.  If you are having trouble finding digital marketing agency providing quality content writing services, then you must know following given bellow mistakes to avoide.

Let’s focus on seven common mistakes in writing quality content:

01. Not Understanding Your Audience

One of the biggest problems people have when writing content for their business is not understanding who they are talking to. If you don’t understand your audience, you won’t be able to write quality content that resonates with them. Instead, you’ll produce generic, boring content that puts people to sleep (or makes them hit “back” on their browser).

How do you avoid this problem? By doing your research, first get help of some blogger outreach services. You need to create buyer personas for your target audience so you can understand what they want out of life, what problems they have and how your product or service can solve those problems.

02. They write too much

When writing an article, it is important to make sure that you get to the point quickly and answer the question or problem in the title of your post. You do not want to beat around the bush and make your reader read through numerous paragraphs before they reach the main point of the article. This will turn readers away and they will go elsewhere for the information they need.

03. Not having a focus

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to say, it’s likely that your audience won’t either. Before you start writing, make sure you know the one thing you want your reader to take away from it. You can also use this as a way to keep yourself on track while writing and make sure that everything relates back to this idea.

04. Awkward phrasing

Sometimes a well-intentioned writer tries to sound smart by using archaic language or fancy phrasing, but this often leads to awkward phrasing.

The main goal of a content style guide is consistency, and it’s important to stick with the rules you’ve created so that your writing is uniform across all your content marketing channels.

05. Overusing jargon or slang

Using slang, acronyms or jargon may be appropriate in some situations and not in others, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution if you have any doubt about whether your audience will understand what you’re saying.

06. Not Being Concise

If you say something once in 100 words, don’t say it again in 1000 words. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when writing their own content – they think that since it’s online, their audience has an unlimited amount of patience. They don’t. If you repeat yourself endlessly, your readers will get bored and stop reading your content altogether.

07. Ask for samples

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask them for a sample of their writing if you are still not convinced? You can give them your topics and ask them to write about them. This way, you will learn more about the quality of the writing, the delivery time, etc. You should hire them if you find everything to be superb.



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