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Chronic Kidney Disease: A Brief Introduction about CKD

Your kidneys filter all of your body’s blood every 30 minutes. They work hard to remove waste, toxins, and excess fluids. They also help control blood pressure, stimulate blood cell production, keep your bones, healthy, and regulate vital blood chemicals. One disease characterized by a failing kidney is chronic kidney disease, also referred to as chronic kidney failure. It is defined by depletion of the functioning of either one or both kidneys. Therefore, Some of the common symptoms are not easily identified like most other diseases. Progression of the disease can be slowed, and the condition can be tried to control with appropriate treatment. It is advisable to seek the best Kidney treatment in Mumbai to prevent any surge.

Symptoms Of Kidney Failure

1. Urinating more or less

2. Muscle cramps

3. Fatigue and weakness

4. Insomnia

5. Skin irritation and itching

6. Nausea and vomiting

7. Loss of appetite

8. Slowed mental response

9. Fluctuating blood pressure (High /Low BP)

10. Swollen feet

11. Chest pain

12. Loss of breath

Your body can also display some nonspecific symptoms of further loss of kidney function. Some of the hospitals provide the best kidney treatment in Mumbai.

What Are The Causes Of The Disease?

Though various factors induce the dysfunction of a kidney, the impairment is most affected when both kidneys begin to suffer.

Chances of your kidney developing such diseases are increased when:

1. You have diabetes (Type 1/ Type 2)

2. You have fluctuating blood pressure levels

3. You have a family history of inheritable diseases like Polycystic kidney disease

4. A part of the kidney begins to swell, leading to inflammation

5. The urinary tract is obstructed

6. You suffer from initial or glomerulonephritis

7. You have a medical history of recurrent Kidney infection.

Diagnosis And Treatment

The doctor performs medical examinations to confirm the presence of a damaged or chronic renal failure. So, This is done after the doctor discusses any previous family history.

The following tests are required to confirm a case of chronic renal failure:

  • Urine tests. Analysis of a urine sample can reveal abnormalities and help identify the cause of chronic kidney disease.
  • Blood tests. A blood sample is collected to check if urea and sugar levels are constant.
  • Imaging tests. Ultrasound tests are assessed to determine a kidney’s shape, size, and functioning.
  • Other imaging tests are also employed to detect chronic renal failure.
  • A kidney biopsy is performed in which the doctor administers local anesthesia and removes a part of your kidney. The removed part is sent to a lab, and its composition is checked. This confirms the disease or any prevailing conditions healthy


Some of the steps included in the kidney treatment in Mumbai or the city you live in are:

  • Dialysis- when your kidney doesn’t function normally, this artificial method helps get rid of waste and extra fluid from your blood.
  • Medications are prescribed to lower cholesterol levels for persons with increased body weight or battling obesity. Against edema are helpful as swollen feet and ankles are pretty standard in patients with a failed kidney.
  • So medications to prevent fluctuating BP prevent low and high BP levels, thus decreasing the body’s chances of inducing more effort on the kidney.


If you’re diagnosed with kidney disease, then depending on the severity, you can continue to lead a productive life, work, be physically active, and do other things that you enjoy. Hence, To protect your kidneys, you might need a variation in your lifestyle and get a test every year for possible symptoms.

Therefore, many stages of a kidney ailment and its treatments. So, remember to look after yourself before and after the disease to make it more suitable for your health and well-being. Also, get the best kidney treatment in Mumbai or the city you live in, and make sure to listen to your doctors carefully. There is always a chance that negligence will aggravate your disease and strike you down. It is best to formulate a mental and physical plan in terms of how you want to go forward in these months. Therefore, if you are interested in reading health and fitness-related blogs just check out our new blog also where you can get more related information in detail.

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