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charcoal grey

Charcoal grey — 18 ways to use it in decoration – ArcBazar

It’s one of the colors of the year – perhaps our favorite. Less dramatic than black, but devilishly elegant, charcoal grey invests all the rooms of The color black in home decor, from the bedroom to the kitchen through the living room and the bathroom. This dark gray is a precious ally to create a sophisticated atmosphere and give a little relief to the decor.

charcoal grey



If it is hot, the charcoal grey is also extremely practical, especially in a small space. This deep color is actually very practical to give depth to the room and enlarging it visually.

Charcoal grey in decoration: the most beautiful ideas

Charcoal grey is mainly used as a substitute for black. This dark and mineral gray makes it possible to emphasize a design or a print, without creating too violent a contrast.

charcoal grey decoration


Charcoal grey: what exactly are we talking about?

Charcoal grey is a deep shade of charcoal grey . Belonging to the large family of muted colors , it flirts with black . However, it is softer to the eye.

charcoal grey


If it is hot, the charcoal grey is also extremely practical, especially in a small space. This deep color is actually very practical to give depth to the room, and to enlarge it visually.

Charcoal grey decoration is an effective way to add depth. It’s your best ally if you have a niche and want to highlight it, for example to create an office area in the living room .


charcoal grey

Charcoal grey is a smart choice to dress up an accent wall and to structure the space. In this small apartment, open kitchen, entrance and living space coexist in the same space. The skillful use of charcoal gray, however, makes it possible to enjoy a friendly and well-organized space.


The alternative to visually enlarge the room and sublimate the volumes: adopt a charcoal grey floor covering. Parquet or porcelain stoneware slab: the choice is yours. And if you want to use this trick without laying down your current floor covering, go for a soft floor covering.

charcoal grey

Very understated – without lacking in character – charcoal grey is an ideal color for doors and stairs. It is particularly well found if you like to renew the decor frequently, since it is able to accommodate all colors and all styles. If you feel like revamping the bedroom or the hallway, you won’t have to worry about the woodwork.

charcoal grey decoration


Extremely sophisticated, the charcoal grey creates a cozy atmosphere, very appreciable in the living room or the bedroom. In such an elegant setting, you can bet without fear on very simple furniture.

Charcoal grey is a perfect ally to sublimate materials. It is therefore perfect for enhancing a decor that gives pride of place to brass or The characteristic of muted colors is to allow the colors to reveal themselves fully. 

aged leather.

Charcoal grey is thus particularly effective for sublimating a pretty embroidery.

Charcoal grey to twist the decor

As one of the neutral colors , charcoal grey is able to adapt to all types of decor. But be careful not to underestimate it: if it is sober, it has a strong personality, and you can count on it to give character to your interior.

charcoal grey decoration

The modern living room suffers from a bad reputation: it is often said to be cold, even impersonal. This is without counting on the charcoal gray, which allows you to enjoy a cozy and friendly space, where you are dying to chill.


Charcoal grey has a pronounced metallic facet. Evoking cast iron, this deep gray is a perfect alternative to traditional black in an industrial-inspired interior .

charcoal grey decoration


Too wise for you, the Scandinavian living room  ? opt for the charcoal grey sofa, and your interior will retain a Nordic spirit, displaying more personality!

charcoal grey decoration


With its very Zen mineral character, charcoal grey works wonderfully in a Japandi-inspired interior . It discreetly warms up the atmosphere, while preserving the minimalist spirit of the decor.

charcoal grey


The baby’s room in gray and pink  ? We love it, especially when charcoal grey gets involved! Enhancing the tenderness of pink , it brings a real touch of elegance to the room. Here is the perfect combination for a child’s room as stylish as that of the grown-ups!

Charcoal grey is very effective in bringing a touch of modernity to a stylish interior.

aged leather.

Do you love vintage decor? For a retro spirit – without overdoing it! – bet on charcoal grey.

Charcoal grey: which pieces to shop?

Would you invite charcoal grey into your home, without completely revamping the decor? Bet on a few well-chosen pieces!


The mottled charcoal grey tablecloth is one of the season’s must-haves. It is particularly appropriate for a kitchen or a dining room with a slow life spirit.

charcoal grey decoration

This season marks the big comeback of cotton percale sets. And contrary to popular belief, this soft and comfortable material is not reserved for a bohemian or romantic bedroom: just adopt it in a charcoal color for it to lend itself to a much more sophisticated decor!


Colored glass has become a must when dining. And when it is adorned with charcoal grey, it becomes quite impossible to resist it!

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