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Certification in business analytics: is it relevant in 2022?

The answer to the question is yes! Business analytics is a relevant profession choice in 2022. After the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns shook the world, trade and growth came to a complete halt. Many businesses went extinct due to the sudden eradication of commercial relevance. And after the threats from covid 19 were mitigated the world came back on track all of a sudden. The extinct areas of commerce suddenly came into being. But nobody was there to exploit the opportunity. This vacuum encouraged the emergence of a cluster of new businesses. All sectors of the market started to witness the massive bloom of innovation. However, after all that humanity has learned during the past couple of years, commerce was revolutionized and the business mindset in 2022 was brand new. Even insignificant investments were done after adequate amounts of calculation. And utilizing gargantuan amounts of data for the purpose became a common occurrence. The times are precarious for commerce in 2022 and data is the only resource that can help us overcome all the hurdles. Thus data dependent roles like the business analyst are a greater asset for commercial entities than ever before. Thus, with relevant experience and a certification in business analytics, an enthusiast or a manager is always one step ahead of their competitors.

What is expected of a business analyst?


A business analyst is expected to be an experienced manager. Armed with relevant experiences of working in a managerial role. The responsibilities a business analyst is expected to take up are often of paramount importance to their employers. Thus a fresher must gain much-needed experiences on the front and learn while at work. Certification in business analytics is not enough for the ventures ahead. A student must be transformed into a professional through hard work and sincerity.

Data adeptness

In 2022, a business analyst working in a plethora of sectors must possess the ability to handle a huge amount of data to even make the most insignificant of decisions. Thankfully, today we have the capabilities to store, handle and process huge amounts of data. And not doing the same can be detrimental for ventures of all stature and standing. A business analyst is thus expected to be able to handle and analyze huge amounts of data without the prospect of accumulating errors. And deploy or utilize any relevant tools that can help secure safer predictions.


A business analyst is expected to be a team player. A trait that can only be learned while working on the front. In multidivisional commercial entities and allied operations, a business analyst is expected to deal with people belonging to a wide range of professionals and cultural backgrounds. And not everyone can be expected to understand the complications of analysis communications. Thus a business analyst must understand the limitations and capabilities of their company in any given scenario. And modulate their activity in a way, so that everyone can comprehensively take part and make the big picture happen.

The opportunities

In marketing

In marketing, a business analyst deals with all kinds of data related to purchases and finances. And analyzes the same for a clearer understanding of the purchase and investment habits of an entire population. In addition to that, with the help of this data, a business analyst can pinpoint the most relevant customers, people, probably in need of a product, and willing to pay for it. Thus a marketing campaign headed by a manager with certification in business analytics is precise and known for yielding a high success rate.

In product

Business analytics in the product sector deals with first-person accounts. In the form of end-user feedback data. With the help of this data, a business analyst can get in touch with the demands and requirements of the customers. And plan the changes that are needed to preserve the commercial relevance of a product. To ensure the sustainability of a product upgradation operation, a business analyst also assesses internal data for keeping in touch with the available financial, material, and human resources.


A manager with a certification in business analytics is also deployed in administration, forecasting, and planning finances. In addition to that, all the mundane aspects of commerce in 2022 are highly dependent on business analytics. For managers in their mid-career, it is essential in these dynamic times to remain relevant. And an upgrade with business analytics seems like a lucrative proposition, especially in this post-pandemic world.  As business analytics can offer a fulfilling career that is to remain relevant and in demand for a long time to come.

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