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The question you should be asking is, “if HBOT itself is safe and effective?” According to the national fire protection association (NFPA-99)’s regulations and the illegality of purchasing medical-grade oxygen equipment, it’s considered unsafe. This article today answers the question, “can I buy a hyperbaric chamber for home use” while highlighting major info about HBOT. But before we get to this, let’s know what HBOT entails and its cost.


HBOT is a type of oxygen therapy that involves breathing pureoxygen in a pressurized chamber. This allows the lungs to gather enough oxygen, thereby boosting the level of oxygen carried by the blood to other organs and tissues of the body.

At first, this therapy was used for treating decompression sickness, among other uses, but currently, it’s been prescribed for a high list of conditions. However, some conditions lack scientific backings to prove it.

The number of medical facilities providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy skyrocketed over the past years. In the 1970s, almost 27 facilities offered HBOT services nationwide. As more research uncovered the benefits of this therapy, more HBOT facilities started offering services with a hyperbaric chamber. Research shows that about 1,800 to 2000 hospitals in the United States alone offer hyperbaric treatments. This figure also comprises about 500 and 700 non-hospital-based medical practices. Mind you, the number of soft-sided hyperbaric chambers owned by people isn’t included here.

As new research continues to uncover the advantages of HBOT in various on-label and off-label medical conditions, it providesa new medical treatment option for most patients. However, this also creates an opportunity for high profit at the cost of the patients. Are you looking for a hyperbaric chamber for home use? Then the OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers are here for you.



OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers are the most advanced hyperbaric chambers available in the market today that can be used especially at home. Designed for personal and professional uses, these devices aren’t just user-friendly and suitable but can also be used in salons, gyms, and spas. OXYHELP’s hyperbaric chambers can be the perfect option you’ve been searching for to help prevent and treat certain conditions.

OXYHELP hyperbaric oxygen chambers – take a look here – are certified non-medical devices specialized for carrying out oxygen therapy. These chambers are perfectly isolated and sealed, so the pressure inside starts increasing in relation to the protocol chosen by the operator. Talking about the interior, it is made of anti-bacterial and leather-like materials. Extra comfort is provided for the user by the resin fiber loops of the mattressand pillows and the proper distribution of oxygen throughout the whole process.

In addition, the high-pressure gas contained in the chamber is air, and the user receives highly purified oxygen, up to 95% purity, via the medical-grade tubing and mask. OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers come in two forms. This includes;

The Monoplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber
Multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber



OXYLIFE I– Premium Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

OXYLIFE I chamber is a certified non-medical chamber suitable for one user at a time. It’s a mild HBOT chamber that’s easy to install, and operate, is suitable for wellness therapy centers, and is perfect for home use. It uses an air-filled system with oxygen supplied through a BIBS mask; with this chamber, you wouldn’t need any oxygen cylinder.

In addition, the OXYLIFE I Premium Monoplace chamber operations are carried out in a quiet mode as there is less noise inside and outside the chamber. Scared of power failure when using this chamber? With its automatic and emergency depressurization made available for both users and operators, you don’t have to worry about any power outage.



OXYLIFEC Multiplace hyperbaric chamber

If you plan on going in for HBOT as a group or with a friend, the OXYLIFE C Multiplace chamber best suits the solution. It’s got a larger room that can accommodate multiple users, including the operators. Fortunately, this chamber can also accommodate cardio equipment like a stationary bike when needed. For added convenience, hyperbaric chambers have foldable seats, flexible seals, and gaskets to avoid gas leakages and pressure loss from the chamber.


OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers stands as one of the most unique and safest hyperbaric chambers made for both personal and professional uses. Irrespective of the main purpose of the purchase, Monoplace and Multiplace hyperbaric chambers are ideal to be used by individuals, wellness centers, and beauty salons or spas.

As stated earlier, no oxygen cylinders are used in OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers. This helps reduce the possibility of an explosion. In addition, with the aid of a mirror control system, the user can always monitor and adjust the parameters of the chamber till parameter control is achieved. In the case of power failure, or any emergency, the depressurization feature takes place in 40seconds. When power failure is detected, the chamber immediately decreases its pressure and automatically opens the doors. This is a very good feature when considering your safety.

Also, unlike most hyperbaric chambers, OXYHELP hyperbaricchambers are highly pressurized with air and not pure oxygen. Instead, pure oxygen is passed to the user through tubing or BIBs masks connected to oxygen concentrators outside the oxygen chamber. HBOT has proven to be one of the best approaches to treating a wide variety of diseases and disabilities. So, with an OXYHELP hyperbaric chamber, expect the best result in minimal time.


Aside from the various benefits in terms of health maintenance, prevention, and repair of various tissues and structures of the body, OXYHELP hyperbaric chambers can perfectly occupy a perfect spot in your home. They are non-medical certified devices representing a novel protocol of therapy that utilizes the effect of a natural ingredient, i.e., oxygen. No artificial ingredient is used; just oxygen in high pressure gets the job done with no stress attached. So, to get relief from that illness today, incorporate HBOT into your busy schedule and get things done right.

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