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Can Dogs Chew Himalayan Chews As Long As They Want?

You want your pet dogs to feel good and healthy. Dogs must use their teeth to keep them sharp. The dogs have an innate need to use their sharp teeth even after domesticating them. Hence, they must use their teeth and jaw frequently to keep them healthy. Vets believe that giving dog treats can prove beneficial for the dogs. It may remove tartar and plaque from the sharp teeth. Chewing dog treats can also promote oral hygiene.

Many dog owners also feel that giving dog chews can benefit the dog’s teeth as they age. It may also work as an oral cleanser by cleaning the crevices around the teeth. So, you can get a lick or kiss from your dog without worrying about bad breath.

The Popular Dog Treat Option

You have several different choices. But the Himalayan chew has created a buzz among dog owners. It fulfills the requirements of a dog treat. Your dog can also enjoy several other benefits by choosing this dog treat. It is an option for pups going through their painful teething process. Dogs who remain chewers throughout their lives tend to ruin shoes and furniture. The Himalayan chews can come in handy for such naughty dogs.

About Himalayan Chews

A Himalayan dog chew refers to the hard chew created by drying the boiled cow’s and yak’s milk for several weeks. The dog chews feel tough. Chewing it will make it soft. Your dog can work at the end of the chew treat for several hours. After softening it, they can scrape off small parts slowly. It is a 100% natural product that may not contain preservatives.

Hence, you may never have to feel worried about giving it to your pup. Your dog can chew on the treatment for a long time without getting distracted. Here are some of the features of Himalayan chews:

Natural Dog Treats

These dog chews may not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives that can harm your dog. The Himalayan communities try to follow the best practice to make natural chews causing no issues. The chew contains Yak milk with a lot of goodness in it. Yak milk has the following benefits:

  • Provide high energy levels
  • Good nutrition
  • Easy to digest

Hence, dog owners prefer dog chews containing Yak milk over the other commercial varieties containing artificial substances. These dog chews may help balance energy levels and other functions.


To make Himalayan chews, manufacturers choose superior quality products from the Himalayan foothills. The ingredients may meet high standards due to sourcing it from a place with pristine climatic conditions. Hence, it may have good nutritional value. Your dog may feel sated chewing on the treat. The food you feed the dog can impact their health. Therefore, giving high-quality food may prove beneficial. Yak milk can contain several vitamins and minerals. It can strengthen the immune system.

Promote Good Health

Himalayan dog treats may contain only natural ingredients. The absence of additives, chemicals, or preservatives makes it a good choice as dog treats. The main ingredients in the treatment include Yak milk, salt, and lemon juice. Hence, it can contain high amounts of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Apart from the nutrition the dog chews provide, it aids the dogs in receiving mental exercise. Your dogs need to have good mental and physical health. The chews seem like the easy option to keep your dog’s mind stimulated. Chewing is an activity requiring constant brain concentration. It may promote good mental health.

Enhanced Dental Health

Chew treats or toys can stimulate saliva production. Increased saliva production may boost your dog’s dental health. Himalayan chews may also provide the following dental benefits:

  • Reduce chances of periodontal disease
  • Strengthens jaw muscles
  • Removes plaques

More and more dogs suffer from dental issues. Healthy dog treats can prevent them as it works as mechanical teeth brushing. Chewing and scraping may remove harmful oral pathogens.


Dogs like to chew. But it can reach a destructive state when they start to damage the furniture in your home. Giving them Himalayan chew can keep them busy. The chews may not cause tooth damage due to their hardness. These chews may have a decent lifespan. Compared to other treats, Himalayan chew may be digested easily. It can aid with maintaining dental health while supplying necessary nutrients.

A Word Of Caution

While dog chews may prove beneficial, you need to maintain caution to avoid any adverse reaction to your pet. The tough Himalayan chews may not suit weak dogs. Hence, avoid the following situations:

  • Make sure your dog has the strength to chew it.
  • Avoid giving the chews to geriatric dogs.
  • The chews may cause harm to dogs with sensitive gums.
  • A large bite can increase choking risk. Supervise your dog while giving the treat.
  • Always choose the treats from a trusted brand following high standards.
  • For dogs with strong jaws, a large bite could cause a large section of chew to break off, which can lodge into a dog’s throat leading to choking risk. Experts recommend supervision of your dog when giving any treat.


Your pet’s joy and overall good health will give you happiness. Healthy and nutritious food can make your pets happy and healthy. Switch the artificial treats for natural ones to ensure your dog gets good nutrition. A healthy dog has strong immunity that can ward off diseases. Paw parents can include Himalayan chews for their dogs’ better mental and physical health.

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