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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bitcoin Futures Trading is incomparable in BTCC

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As per BTCC, futures trading pertains to the kinds of derivatives whose values are acquired from the underlying asset which could be a bond, commodity, or stock. Nevertheless, in the case of the crypto futures contract, especially the Bitcoin Futures Trading, the underlying asset used is assuredly a Bitcoin.

Additionally, Bitcoin Futures Trading is effectively on leverage. This in other words signifies that you could safely buffer up not only your purchasing power but also the potential profitability via money which could be as high as 150x, especially through a trusted crypto exchange like BTCC.

The amazing Bitcoin Futures Trading at BTCC

In BTCC, Bitcoin Futures Trading is distributed into the three crucial categories of daily futures, weekly futures, and perpetual contracts. The weekly futures contracts can be securely held for a maximum of seven days. However, its perpetual contract does not have any expiry date and a user can keep his or her position as long as he or she perfectly meets the requirements of the margin.

There are very simple steps that are to be followed for Bitcoin Futures Trading.  The first step is signing up and making a safe deposit into his or her trading account. The trading can be outstandingly carried out by clicking the futures trading button which is on the official website of BTCC.

Now a safe trading terminal appears and it’s time to select the Bitcoin Futures Trading contract type that one desires to trade. One must remember that the daily, as well as weekly, futures have an expiry date, whereas perpetual contracts do not have any expiry date.

Now a user has to click on the market watch drop-down button and set the weekly futures by default and later choose to navigate to the perpetual Bitcoin Futures Trading contract and click on BTC/USD in order to set the main chart window to finalize the perpetual futures contract.

A wise selection of orders in Bitcoin Futures Trading of BTCC

In Bitcoin Futures Trading, a user has to optimally select the order since there are different kinds of orders namely the market order that is instant and the pending order that is divided into two types; limit order and stop order. Nevertheless, traders can be entered by an instant buy or sell order or even a pending order with two types, viz., buy or sell limit orders and buy or sell stop orders.

The significant difference between the pending orders and market orders of Bitcoin Futures Trading is that the pending orders will only get activated as the live orders only when the market price reaches the pending prices level. 

These orders possess a validity period, and if the market price does not activate these pending orders into the live market orders then they will automatically get deleted. Nonetheless, the validity period can be set to either one day or one week, using the radio button.

The limit orders of Bitcoin Futures Trading can be purchased or sold with the highest ease at https://www.btcc.com/ since they have an unbeatable online customer service, which is accessible year-round. 


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