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elstra Bigpond Webmail Login

Telstra Bigpond Webmail Login – Your Simple Guide

You might be wondering if the service platforms used by Telstra and Bigpond mail are comparable.

Fear not; today we will also explain the idea behind Telstra and Bigpond mail in addition to showing you how to get into your account.

Are Telstra and Bigpond the Same Thing? 

The firm was named. Bigpond Movies is still in the control of Telsco, however the service has been discontinued in favour of Telstra Webmail Service, and consumers of home broadband will now get email at rather than

Since the two platforms were integrated in 2013, users that use Telstra mail to log in to Bigpond have been experiencing login issues.

We will provide you with all the information required for a successful Bigpond login in this post.

How to Sign in to a Bigpond Email:

What you need to do to get in to your bigpond/Telstra email account is as follows:

you may log in here.

Visit using any suitable web browser by clicking the link below.

Type in your information

Next, input your information, including your Bigpond email address and password, in the following section.

Account for Telstra Mail in Business

You must provide your Telstra mail executive ID if you have one.


Finally, press the “login” button.

How to Log in to a Bigpond Email Account Utilizing a Third-Party E-mail Client?

If you wish to use desktop email applications like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Apple Mail, etc. or mobile devices to access your Bigpond email account. The required SMTP server settings for this function on mobile and desktop are listed directly below.

IMAP settings for Telstra/Bigpond mail on MAC email client:

Website for an IMAP server:

Port 993 for IMAP

SSL for IMAP security

Access to IMAP:

ID for IMAP: Detailed email address

Your IMAP password is: Your entire email address password you entered

SMTP server settings for Telstra/Bigpond Email on Mac Email Client: is an SMTP server.

Port 465 for SMTP

SSL for SMTP security

Your whole email address as the SMTP user name

Your password is the SMTP password.

These are the key configuration settings that must be made in order for your email client to support Bigpond email.

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