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Best treks to do in Uttarakhand

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When you go hiking in Uttarakhand, you’ll see majestic mountains, meadow-covered plains, thick, untamed woods, holy rivers, alpine lakes, and many other beautiful landscapes. Uttarakhand, a hilly state in northern India, is a naturally fertile area that draws travellers and globetrotters with its tranquilly and easygoing charm. Plan a journey to go on one of the top treks in Uttarakhand if you’re an adventurer searching for some thrill as an escape from the everyday. You will simply locate the track that will offer you the shivers and thrills, regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker.  There are many areas for trekking in Uttarakhand that are worth investigating, ranging from short treks of 5 to 10 kilometres through easy terrain to longer, more dangerous, and physically demanding expeditions that last for days and cover great distances. The “Roopkund trek ,” “Valley of Flowers,” “Panch Kredar,” and “Dodital Lake” treks, among others you can explore, are some of the most popular treks that are on many people’s bucket lists.

Gaumukh tapovan trek

Participate in the sacred practise of bathing in the Bhagirathi River and learn about the highest altitude of 14,222 feet. View the breathtaking Bhagirathi group of three towering peaks as you travel. Take, for example, the brief journey to Bhojwassa, which is thinly forested but typically barren and frequently compared to the Arctic Tundra region. Numerous significant Hindu pilgrimage sites, including as the Gangotri Glaciers, Gaumukh, the Bhagirathi Sisters, etc., are passed through during the Gomukh Gangotri climb.

Kedarkantha trek

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It would be appropriate to refer to Kedarkantha as the Queen of Winter Treks because it is such a well-liked winter trip. It is well-liked by hikers due to its attractive and simple routes, knee-deep snow in the winter, and breathtaking views from the top. Govind National Park’s dense pine trees are traversed on the “easy on endurance” track. Reaching the peak at a height of 12,500 feet is worthwhile for the vistas. The Kedarkantha Trek offers a one-of-a-kind perspective of the cosmos, as well as beautiful meadows, snowy trails, lovely villages, fragrant pine forests, sky-crushing peaks, peaceful rivers, and some mythological story whispers. 

Chopta chandrashila trek

Set out on an exciting trip excursion to Chandrashila, the top of Tungnath, which is a popular destination for those who enjoy high-altitude treks. About 4,000 metres above sea level, that is where it is situated. Discover the mesmerising peaks of Nandadevi, Trisul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch, and Chaukhamba, the vistas of which will be your hike’s rewards. Trek through verdant jungles and snow-capped slopes to discover the relaxed side of the Himalayas. To get to the destination, which is at an elevation of 13,000 feet, you must go through forests with snowy roads and take in the diverse flora and animals.

Brahmatal trek

Explore thrilling trek excursion to Chandrashila, the top of Tungnath, which is well recognised as a popular tourist destination for individuals who prefer high-altitude treks.. It is situated at the high altitude above 4000 ft. Witness the peace of himalaya amidst snow covered mountains and lush green meadows. Discover the varied flora and fauna by navigating the woodlands’ snowy paths. The Brahmatal trip, which is dedicated to Lord Brahma, is another gem of the Himalayas that remains unexplored by hikers from all over the world.

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Nag tibba trek

The lower Himalayan area of Uttarakhand’s Nag Tibba, which has an elevation of 3,022 metres, is home to the highest peak. The journey offers an excellent weekend getaway location for those who enjoy adventure, getting its name from “Nag Devta.” Featuring the best tranquilly and thrilling trekking trails through dense jungles and meadows, the NagTibba trip is a wonderful joy for adventure seekers from all over the world. You’ll see stunning plants and animals, verdant mountains, and dense woods when trekking through Nag Tibba, which will captivate your heart with its splendour.

Har ki dun trek

One of the most well-liked treks among many hikers and environment lovers is Har ki Dun Trek, which is nestled cosily on the Gharwal Himalayas’ hinges. Due to the mountains’ cradle-like shapes, this thrilling walk is also known as a hanging valley. The trails are entirely covered in snow during the winter, and the sun shines through the clouds, earning it the nickname “winter wonderland.” The Har ki Dun trekking is surrounded by peaceful views of deodar trees that will undoubtedly enchant your spirit with the scent of pine.


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