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Best of Six Manga That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

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You know the kind of situations where you’re reading a manga, and all of a sudden something happens that makes you burst out laughing or even cry from happiness? It can be anything, from an awkward situation with the characters to a funny line. However, most of the time these kinds of situations don’t happen very often. You have to read through tons of manga in order to encounter one that breaks out into laughter at just the right moment. But what makes you laugh more than anything else is that there are many different kinds of humor in manga! 

Some series are so funny they make you laugh out loud while others are so absurd that they make you laugh until you cry (and yes, those do exist). So if you want to read some manga yaoi that will make you laugh out loud as well as others that will leave you rolling on the floor in hysterics, continue reading!

  • The Legend Of The Strongest, Kurosawa!


Nobuyuki Fukumoto.


Action, Comedy, Drama, Seinen.

During a fight, Kurosawa, a 44-year-old overworked construction worker, suffers head trauma. He then spends 8 years in the heavens, motionless in his hospital room, until he realizes something frightening: there are no ladies in the afterlife. Kurosawa, a stubborn man, chooses to sacrifice the comforts of the hereafter in order to follow his lifelong ambition: to pursue a lady.

  • My next life as a villainess


Nami Hidaka (Illustrator). Satoru Yamaguchi (Writer).


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Josei.

Catarina Claes is the duke’s eight-year-old child. She bumps her forehead one day and recalls flashbacks of her previous life, and she has a startling awakening: she is in a realm identical to an otome game she used to enjoy, and she is the primary antagonist! To complicate matters further, she meets a horrific ending in every potential outcome, be it imprisonment or execution. Catarina should now do what it takes to fix her destiny, using her understanding of how the program works.

  • Gintama
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Hideaki Sorachi.


Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen.

During the Edo era, Japan is abruptly attacked by intergalactic monsters identified as “Amanto.” Yet even with the samurai’s great effort, the Shogun quickly recognizes that their actions are hopeless and chooses to retreat. This is the start of a tense relationship between the Shogunate and Amanto, which leads to a nationwide weapon prohibition and the extinction of the samurai spirit.

  • The way of the Househusband


Kousuke Oono.



While adjusting to ordinary household duties, Tatsu discovers that being a homemaker comes with its own set of problems, ranging from the battleground of grocery to cooking disasters. Despite his calm existence, problems seem to accompany him everywhere. Gokushufudou chronicles the day-to-day activities of a humorously serious ex-yakuza as he transitions from a perilous prior life to a stay-at-home spouse.

  • Beelzebub


Ryuuhei Tamura.


Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen.

Whilst studying at Ishiyama High, Oga attempts to support a child. He tries to ‘pass on’ Beel to other people at Ishiyama in the earlier parts, believing that if he can choose somebody tougher and more wicked than him, the baby would attach himself to that individual instead.

  • Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!


Fumita Yanagida.


Comedy, Romance.

Tomo is one of the boys even when she was a kid, and Jun has never noticed any of her approaches, even though she clearly admits, attributed to his tremendous muscular nature. To add insult to injury, he didn’t recognize she was a girl for a long period of time.

What is Comedy Manga?

Manga toonily books are known for their unique style of storytelling. It has a variety of genres and demographics. It often reflects individuals around the world. The storyline varies on the demographic, theme, and genre of manga. Manga is heavily influenced by its origin country in culture and tradition. Manga is known as Japanese comic books or Japanese comics. Prominent anime series are often based on manga.

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Comedy Manga is a manga that aims to make readers laugh. It is a genre of manga that attributes to funny manga characters or scenes. This genre of manga is often parody and mixed with romance. With comedy and romance working well together most manga bestsellers are under this.

Where can I read these Manga Books? 

The manga mentioned above is available on Mangago. Mangago is a free manga reading platform where users can read manga at home. Mangago has a wide variety of manga books to offer to readers. It also has demographics which makes choosing the next manga to read easier.

The site has numerous features that users love one of these is the search bar which enables users to search for the manga they want. They can filter the results to find the specific manga easily. Mangago is compatible with any device and has no hidden charges.

There are issues surrounding Mangago nowadays such as what is going on with mangago. This is due to the shut down of Fake Mangago sites that tried to imitate Mangago and trick its users by having the same name. The real Mangago didn’t shut down. It is actually accessible right now. Its URL is mangago .to. Make sure to type down the correct URL!


When you read a manga, you’re going to encounter many different kinds of situations and many different kinds of characters. Some characters are going to make you laugh, and some characters are going to make you cry. Some characters are going to make you think, and some characters are going to make you fall in love. But what makes this process a lot more interesting is that there are many different kinds of characters in the manga. Some are very serious, and some are very silly and absurd. However, the best kinds of characters are those that make you laugh out loud. These are the best kinds of characters, and there are many different kinds of them in the manga. If you’d like to dive into the massive world of manga visit Mangago right away!

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