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Best Mobile Browsers For Android

For the normal and uninterrupted operation of mobile devices with the Android operating system on the Internet, a high-quality browser is required. He must cope with the tasks set, load sites quickly, turn slow pages into adaptive ones. The fastest browser for Android is often used by third-party plugins that quickly load resources, save passwords for easy login, speed up image loading, and much more. And before downloading, it is worth considering popular browsers for smartphones that can provide comfortable work on the Internet. And it is also worth exploring options for applications that belong to the 2g speed browser category.

Private Browser Care

This is the fastest browser that is suitable for Android smartphones and tablets. When working, the program preserves the complete confidentiality of the user, this is the main condition for many.

The advantages of the Private Browser Care browser include:

  • the program completely saves user data;
  • the history of visited pages is saved;
  • does not delete cookies and cache;
  • leaves information that is filled in online;
  • provides fast loading of any sites;
  • protects the user’s personal data, they will not be able to get to third parties.

Brave Browser

It is considered the perfect browser that can compete with Google Chrome and Firefox. The service loads websites 2 times faster on Windows and 8 times faster on smartphones compared to competitors.

Positive features:

  • fast page loading on smartphones;
  • maintaining complete user privacy;
  • there is a password manager;
  • supports most chrome extensions;
  • work in the browser is free.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is considered the best browser for Android mobile devices. It may lack some features compared to other similar applications, but still it copes with the main tasks perfectly. The program is built on Chromium, an open source engine and is considered the fastest web browser for Android.


  • Syncs with Chrome browser on PC;
  • There is a Google Weblight function for saving data;
  • If desired, you can disable tracking while browsing sites;
  • Incognito mode is available;
  • The work is free of charge.

Opera для Android

Opera is considered a popular and functional browser that can be used for mobile devices and PCs. The service is built on an open source Chromium engine. It has a built-in ad blocker, a news reader. Therefore, Opera can be attributed to the best browsers for smartphones.


  • Easy navigation and intuitive interface;
  • Includes several options for application layouts – Classic, Tablet and Phone;
  • Can handle multiple tabs at the same time;
  • Use is free.


Dolphin is a simple, safe functional and free browser for mobile devices. It has a clear interface, it allows you to quickly save shortcuts, bookmarks, attachments. It also has a built-in pop-up blocker and a flash player for comfortable page viewing.


  • customizable user interface;
  • flash player supported;
  • voice search is provided;
  • easy synchronization of bookmarks and history;
  • store for installing add-ons;
  • free use.

There are other functional and fast browsers for smartphones that can provide comfortable work on the Internet. Among the popular ones are UC Browser, InBrowser, Flynx, Apu. The applications have simple functionality, there are many useful add-ons in it, and their use is free of charge. These programs can be installed on mobile devices, as well as on a computer, laptop. For convenience, they can be synchronized with each other. Users can create multiple accounts, link them, and enter different information that will be confidential.

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