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Best IT Cloud Management Products for 2021

Best IT Cloud Management Products for 2021

If you are looking for the best IT cloud management products, we are here to help!

We are assisting the new or old buyers in choosing the finest cloud management platforms that will cater to the organization’s needs. Truly speaking, picking the right vendor offering the platform with all the required specs is one hell of a job. But we are providing you the solution to this complicated process. In the below-mentioned list, a few top-rated platforms are mentioned that are loaded with technical capabilities.

List of The Best IT Cloud Management Platforms – Get Everything in One Place

  • Apache CloudStack
  • Abiquo
  • BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • RedHat CloudForms
  • CloudHealth
  • Flexera Rightscale
  • VMware
  • Embotics
  • Turbonomic
  • OpenStack
  • Scalr

Reviews On The Best Services Of Cloud Platforms


Centilytics is one of the best cloud management platforms that lets consumers manage their multi-cloud IT and cloud infrastructure. It is valued for maximum and granular cloud Visibility, high-level optimization & Allocation, and successful Cloud Automation. All procedures are carried out, effortlessly. The platform is categorized into 5 products, where each category is known for tackling a particular cloud management facility. Every section has specific capabilities that are designed to manage the assigned task.

Visibility into each user account is done as per the services, geography, and resource tags. It is known for preventing cost leaks, as well.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management

If you are dealing with multi-cloud infrastructure, it comes as a successful alternative to Centilytics. It is a management platform that makes overseeing multiple Kubernetes clusters feasible for the companies on both public as well as private cloud services. Being a versatile tool, it lets the consumers tackle multiple clouds for an entire cluster lifecycle management. It is done all in a single dashboard. WHOA! Users are welcomed to set up predictive alert systems that basically support automatic backup and disaster recovery options. This tends to help in workload transfers, as well.


This is well-suited for medium and large enterprises that are in search of an efficient server virtualization platform. It helps companies in creating a reliable foundation for their apps, saved data in clouds, and business deals. Some of the highlighted features are Log Insight, Automation, Operations, and Suite Lifecycle Manager.

You will be impressed with its virtualization and cloud technologies. It is made to provide matchless agility and fantastic control.


This classic Apptio company seems like a good option for minimizing the total cloud expense of any enterprise. This is treasured for its ability to ingest exabytes of data that can shape important billing, usage, overall IT or cloud performance, and custom retailer pricing. This cloud platform has some tremendous data analytics engines giving granular insights.

The company has been making continuous improvements in its operations, particularly in data transformation features.

Morpheus Data

If you prefer hybrid cloud services, this is for you! It helps to modernize the hybrid IT application lifecycles smoothly. The best part is its built-in service collection having more than 50 applications. It is easier to use, and all the credit goes to its user-friendly layouts. Morpheus does wonder in bringing innovation to your operating systems, databases, and web servers.

Nutanix Beam

Nutanix Beam delivers the consumers excellent IT infrastructure helpful in minimizing overall cloud prices. It is also known for reducing security threats. Administrators get you enough cloud visibility. You can have a detailed overview of all the cloud consumption patterns throughout the public and private clouds. This cloud management platform identifies sluggish and underutilized resources. You will be amazed how the companies get their problems fixed instantly.


CloudBolt is supportive in handling the user’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It is all done via self-service IT. With Cloudbolt, you will have rich dashboards giving you complete visibility, eventually leading to informed decision making. It has a role in:

  • Inventory your hybrid cloud environments
  • Automate and orchestrate apps workload delivery
  • Supervise cloud cost

Red Hat CloudForms

With this cloud platform, the IT departments will be able to manage consumers’ self-service capabilities to provision, tackle, and guarantee compliance throughout the physical, virtual, and private clouds. Moreover, CloudForms lets the consumers identify, supervise, and manage private cloud and virtual resources along with delegate provisioning, retirement, and reconfiguration to end-users via a web-based self-service list.

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