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Best gaming headset under 2000 – Budget Friendly Products

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Sound effects have always been an integral element in making every game an exciting and unforgettable experience. Remember Super Mario!! Its subtle “ting” sound of the game remains with all GenZs , and even younger generations. Gaming has evolved from a single to a multi-dimensional experience that gives players a true-to-life feeling of being part of the game, provided you’ve got the right devices to record and appreciate every detail that the game’s creator has created within the game. One of the most essential gadgets includes Gaming Headphones or else how can you not feel the buzz running through your ear?

Gaming is expensive and, as such purchasing additional devices can be costly. So, we’ve created a checklist of Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 that fit into your pocket and will give you the best gaming experience.


EKSA E900 It is our top choice for us mostly because of its top-of-the-line features, comfortable features and incredible sound quality however, it also has a cost-effectiveness that could easily make other expensive brands look like the test. It has a sleek elegant and comfortable design. It also provides a range of sound to enhance your gaming experience. It’s comprised of 50mm sound drivers and 20Hz-20KHz frequency which is responsible for clear and crystal-clear sound. At this price there are headphones that offer bass, but they are lacking in music quality and pitch. However, this however isn’t the case for the EKSA E900, as you’ll get the perfect balance between bass and music.

With just half the volume, you’ll enjoy the hypnotic sound that has both decibel and clarity that is unbeatable. The stereo sound of the headset provide great performance when gaming. Experts rate it as 10/10 for its stability in different sounds, whether low or high intensity. It provides clear and clear sound in calm conditions, and when you hear the high-pitched sound of gunshots or gunfire without having to alter the volume by hand. I strongly would recommend the EKSA gaming headsets for PUBG, CS Go, and Valorant kind of games.

Ant Esports H1000 Pro

The Ant Esports H1000 Pro is our 2nd selection on the list of the top gaming headphones that cost less than 2000 rupees. The gaming headset is designed to provide impressive sound quality and will enhance your surroundings with top-quality audio. If you’re looking for comfort, the Ant Esports headsets are light and come with a stub-mounted microphone and RGB lights. To enhance the clarity of sound and overall enjoyment of the audio, the headset is equipped with drivers that are 50mm in diameter. To cut out ambient noise , H1000 is built to feature three-dimensional draping earcups that aid in providing the most sound-proofing headphones on the market.

The company has taken into consideration when designing this particular headset and has also included an adjustable head beam that lets you utilize it in any position at a minimum. The highly sensitive diaphragm of this headset, there are left earcup features that are precisely designed to enable voice conversations without interruptions. The 2-meter tangle-free cable comes by an USB A connector and 3.5mm audio jack that is compatible with all types of consoles, desktops smartphones, laptops and tablets. It also features built-in volume control and microphone regulators. It also has a USB port is also a great help in creating a fun gaming experience.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1

Redgear is known for its devices that are compatible with PC gamers. It is adored by gamers too. It is launching a Redgear cosmos headset which won’t leave a mark on your pocket , but it will also provide users a stereo surround gaming experience.

It is equipped with sophisticated features to provide you with a the most enjoyable gaming experience. It is built on the audio system that is employed in home theatre configurations often referred to as the right channel surrounded by audio systems. To ensure the best sound quality in the gadget, it’s equipped with two speaker instead of the traditional six-channel.

The microphone quality of the product in this price range is nothing less than a blessing because it does not just stop the voice from breaking, but also improves the quality of conversations. The noise cancelling microphone can be adjusted and made changed at any time you want. There is a microphone control in the headphone. It can also be controlled via a particular driver software. For manual volume control you’ll be able to choose two buttons.

Cosmic Byte GS430

The Cosmic Byte GS430 is the fourth and final option on this list of the best gaming headphones for under 2000 rupees. It is well-built and durable. RGB light provides the classic look that is available in three shades: Black, Camo black, and camo green.

The designer has created an ergonomic design that makes it a perfect fit on the heads of humans. The sound quality is as far as concern , cosmic doesn’t compromise with high-end technology since this model comes with the highest quality magnetic neodymium drivers that give users the sensation in 3D game sound. The flexibility of the microphone is extremely convenient for conversations at any angle and the sound cancellation is increasing the popularity of the device by many folds.

Compatibility is not an issue with the Cosmic Byte GS430 since it can be connected quickly to PC Phone and gaming consoles. Therefore, if you’re in love with stunning designs and outstanding quality sound and durability, we can rely on this specific product from Cosmic Byte.


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