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Best Excel to PDF Converters Offline & Online

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An Excel to PDF conversion tool is an online or offline program that helps to convert Excel spreadsheets into their PDF format equivalent. While Excel is easily editable, PDFs are known to carry data in a way that is not easy to alter. More specifically, when you turn XLSX to PDF or XLS to PDF, there are various benefits like;

  • Keeping the original Excel sheet layout, fonts, format, and images intact in the output PDF, and therefore communicating the intended information.
  • Viewing the document conveniently on any device with just a PDF viewer.
  • Avoiding accidental adjustments to the Excel file. PDFs are read-only and therefore not prone to deliberate or unintended tampering.
  • Enjoying hassle-free sharing and printing perks associated with PDFs.

Achieving this is only possible when you obtain the best Excel to PDF converter software and this article opens you up to several, top go-to solutions.

 TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter is by far the best Excel to PDF converter program going by the boatload of features it offers. In fact, it satisfies the majority of the factors to consider when choosing a tool to export XLSX to PDF. For instance, you can convert multiple Excel spreadsheets into PDF, thanks to the batch convert feature, besides the flexibility to choose where the output PDF is saved.

Also, this top, offline, and free download program retains the original layout and formatting of the XLS/XLSX file to ensure that the output PDF file communicates the same information. Better yet, TalkHelper PDF Converter is very efficient, supports document merging, and working offline keeps all your files secure.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another top Excel to PDF conversion tool that can be used both online and offline. Besides features like batch processing, format retention, and fast Excel to PDF tasks, this software also boasts the special Adobe Document Cloud.

With this feature, you get the chance to convert, share, store and access any file while on the go, and therefore enjoy great levels of convenience, reliability, and accessibility. You get the chance to protect the converted PDFs with passwords where necessary and also get access to PDF editing options in case there are any adjustments to be made. Not forgetting options to rotate, watermark, combine, and optimize the resulting PDFs, among other options.

Soda PDF

In just a matter of seconds, Soda PDF can convert any Excel spreadsheet into PDF no matter whether you are using the offline or online version. This top Excel to PDF converter can separate sheets and pages to save every sheet or page as a separate PDF document as per your needs. Keep in mind that, document components like formulas, charts, tables, and more will be carried over to the PDF file and inherit the original layout and formatting.

By using www.sodapdf.com/pt/juntar-pdf/, you can avoid the need to perform post-conversion editing which can prove pretty tedious. Before converting XLS to PDF, you can tinker with various options like page orientation, borders, size, and scale; to satisfy flexibility. In all instances, your documents remain secure.

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