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Benefits of Assessments in Online Courses in education

With the growth and advancement in science and technology, all professional sectors have adapted to modern styles of working. Similarly, leaving behind the conventional methods, online teaching platforms are spreading at a much faster rate. The online courses platform offers greater flexibility, convenience, and comfort. To check students learning outcomes and ensure the course completion process, assessment plays an important role in online courses. Let us discuss the benefits of assessment in online courses. 

Methods of online assessments 

  • Online quizzes: one of the best ways to assess students in e-learning courses is by conducting quizzes. Different types of quizzes can be formed using an online quiz maker. Some of the examples are true or false statements, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, answers in one word, audio-based questions, and more. As per the course syllabus, you can design quiz questions and conduct them in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. 
  • Open book test: open book examination is an assessment method where students are allowed to refer to their course books, videos, PDFs, and other study content for answering the questions. It can be conducted in both live classes or asynchronous types too. This improves student’s critical thinking and time management skills. 
  • Online discussions: another assessment method is online discussions. Here teachers divide students into a few small groups and assign them educational topics respectively. Later students share their opinions, perspectives, and knowledge on the given topic. This checks students’ communicational skills and subject knowledge well. 

Benefits of assessment to online instructors 

  1. To check students’ understanding

Every teacher does their best to provide students with an effective academic understanding. However, all students are different from one another and learning methods vary from child to child. By conducting formative assessments throughout the course duration, you can check how much students understand, what is the status of their self-studies and who all are lagging. 

  1. To enhance the teaching quality

Students’ needs, demands, and learning patterns are increasing day by day. The conventional teaching methods are no longer effective for students. By taking assessments, you can track students’ academic status. This will help you to figure out the existing teaching practices that have resulted. Check what have been the weak points of students and work for improvement. By doing so, teachers can enhance their teaching styles and adapt to the new techniques. The better the teaching, the more effective will be the course services and success. 

  1. To make the course website more impactful 

For how to create an online course effectively, so making a course website is important. Before joining any online course, first students need to know about the outlook, the duration, and fee structure. To provide all this information to the customers in hand, a website was developed. Along with average rank holders, there will also be the course toppers. You can upload the topper results, images, and ranks on your course website. This will set a positive impression on the viewers. Your course website will become more impactful and effective for the audience. 

  1. For better teacher-student interaction 

For effective online teaching and learning, the interaction between teachers and students is very important. Assessments also help in fostering teacher-student interaction. Teachers can track students’ scores, and results. Later, give students constructive feedback regarding how they have performed. The appreciation received will form strong interpersonal relations and motivate students. The suggestions and advice given will help students to improve their learning feedback. So the feedback shared after the assessments become a source of interaction between online educators and learners. 

Benefits of assessments for online learners 

  1. To be accountable

To complete an online course successfully, students need to be accountable. Assessments serve this purpose. When formative and summative assessments are conducted, students stay accountable throughout the course duration. They take studies seriously. This makes students maintain a balance between their classroom learning and self-studies. Students become more sincere and dedicated to the course syllabus. 

  1. Active in classes

Assessment surely sets a healthy class competition. Every student develops a strong zeal to score well on the tests and become the class topper. To do so, they start listening to the teachers actively in the classroom. They jot down the important pointers emphasized and prepare class notes too. Students actively participate in online quizzes and discussions. This makes online learners more competitive and active. 

  1. Get certificates

We all need some proof that we enrolled in a particular course and completed it successfully. When students appear for the exams in online courses, they get a passing certificate or a degree. This ensures that students have completed the course. The certificate or degree given can be used for further higher learning. This adds to the student’s qualifications and can be applied to resumes for cracking job interviews. 


For effective online teaching and learning, assessment plays an important role. By reading the above-mentioned information via internetoflearning we can make out the benefits of assessments for both online instructors and students respectively.

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