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Behave Agency Model Ashley Kolfage Gain 72k Tiktok Followers

One of the most well-known women in the social media industry is Ashley Kolfage. Known for her attractiveness, adorable grin, modeling postures, style, and personality, Ashley is a well-known model and actress. Comedic videos, dancing videos, and lip-syncs on TikTok are her main sources of fame. Since signing with the elite marketing group Behave Agency earlier this year, she’s been working with them to help her develop a more holistic approach to developing and monetizing her content, as well as to help her forge her own successful career routes.

As part of her contract with the Behave agency, she created a new TikTok account named @ashleykhawaii to share video snippets with her fans. After signing a deal with the behave agency, she witnessed a significant increase in the number of people following her. She gained 72K new followers in just 30 days, a stratospheric growth on her already impressive following.


According to Ashley, “I’ve dreamed of modeling ever since I was a very little child, and along the way, I’ve set several goals for myself. I’ve been modeling for almost a decade and have worked hard to accomplish those goals. Working with so many fantastic people and brands has given me the opportunity to grow as a person. Brand influencer work with Behave agency is my latest venture, and it has allowed me to rapidly expand my personal and professional brand.”

Behave agency, which handles OnlyFans profiles in place of content creators, has risen to be one of the dominant players in its business. The company promotes itself as an advocate for women’s empowerment, offers entry-level workers a job that appears to be thrilling even though it is in the middle of a pandemic, and promises content creators an explosive increase in the number of followers and revenue.

In an interview, she claims that “some competitors are sharing misleading news about behave agency, claiming that company executives signed clients and hired workers under terms that were not always apparent, including information in their contracts that clash with or were lacking from the terms workers and customers thought they agreed to in talks with company officials, and which their attorney says were illegal for some cases.” She further claimed that “all these reports are bogus because behave agency never commercialize the influencers’ photographs without their authorization.”

Many of Ashley’s well-known friends and other Behave Agency models have worked with her to create high-quality content for her fans. Whether she’s on the road with her influencer pals, cuddling with her gorgeous pooch, exhibiting her toned body in lingerie and swimwear shoots, or striving to expand her business and modeling empire, Ashley will continue to rise to the top of the modeling and lingerie worlds.

One of the most popular Instagram influencers Lauren Blake said, “behave agency works very hard for its clients and allows its models to decide how they want their online and social media presence to be seen,” Blake explained. “behave agency engages with us to create campaigns that will be successful and produce income.”


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According to the chief executive officer of Behave Agency, “Influencers and talent come to us because we use our experience and resources to assist them in building their brands, growing their audiences, and considerably increasing their salaries.” Female influencers and entrepreneurs are the focus of our agency, which has an almost entirely female staff. We want to give them the tools and resources they need to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive industry.

Also, the CEO of the behave agency added, “Through Behave Agency, we assist talented models to develop timeless campaigns that drive traffic, improve sales, and keep their admirers coming back for more.” The team at behave agency has a passion for creativity and a thorough understanding of human behavior, which allows them to engage audiences in ways they couldn’t otherwise.

With the help of Behave Agency, more influencers will be able to offer more value to their viewers and build their following on TikTok, Instagram, as well as other social media platforms. During this process, they plan to maintain their track record of generating income streams of at least two million dollars cumulatively for their fifty most influential models and social media users.


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