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Become a Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Are you ready to take the next step in your career to become a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant?  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has evolved with the marketing cloud certification program revamped over the years. The new certified Salesforce administrator is now a prerequisite for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant certification. 

Salesforce certified Marketing Cloud Consultant credential targets individuals with hands-on experience administering the Marketing Cloud email application.  

This article examines the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant exam and how to become certified. 


Types of Salesforce marketing cloud certifications  

The email specialist exam covers most of the basics across the platform. The alternative is the marketing cloud administrator certification that tests best practices regarding your platform’s configuration. There is also the marketing cloud developer certification that requires experience in configuring the marketing cloud. 

More seasoned marketing cloud users can study the marketing cloud consultation certification. This certification tests the ins and outs of making proactive decisions regarding customers marketing cloud platforms. Take any of these exams to kick-start your expedition to gain Salesforce marketing cloud certification. Exams are needed if you work in the world of marketing cloud Consulting. 


Benefits of becoming Salesforce certified 

Certified marketing cloud consultant is highly demanding, with the industry looking for experts in the area. The certification increases your marketability in that you become exponentially marketable. Getting the Salesforce certification tag also helps you enhance your skills and increase your value during the interview.  

The importance of Salesforce certification depends on the organization and project you want to pursue. Salesforce offers several certifications across its marketing platforms. You can earn the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification, which covers the basics of the marketing cloud platform. 

What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant exam?  

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The exam comprises 60 multiple-choice and five pre-test questions. It aims at testing your Consulting skills with questions covering different areas. The exam poses typical scenarios, with the complexity of these scenarios varying. It targets Salesforce consultants or partners to implement the marketing cloud by showing design best practices.  

Some questions require a more general knowledge of the marketing cloud consultant concepts. You can find questions covering the basics of marketing cloud platforms like data management, content development, and digital marketing. Other questions focus on email studio, automation studio, content builder, and journey Builder. 

However, you should also prepare for questions asking specific methods, functionalities, or steps. Previously the certification exam focused mainly on email use cases. Today, the updated version covers cross-channel messaging scenarios and cross-cloud products like marketing cloud connect mobile studio and Salesforce cloud-initiated messaging. 

Since the questions test your consulting skills, you need to understand a scenario, consider possible limitations of constants, and provide the best solution to achieve a goal.  


How to become a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant?

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The only way to become a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant is to prepare for an exam and pass it with a good score. 

This exam aims at certifying you as a consultant for your client. Passing the certification tag will enhance your skills and give you an edge in the market. Anyone with the Salesforce certified email specialist credential with six months of marketing cloud implementation, or consulting experience should attend the training.  

You will need to take a course on Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultancy. Recap all the marketing cloud basics, including business unit setup, sender authentication package, and the reply Mail package. Other questions include contact key management, business unit architecture, and data extension management. 

The next step is understanding how data flows from the Salesforce CRM into the marketing cloud and how the marketing cloud passes the data back. Focus on the interplay of Salesforce CRM data and marketing cloud features. Also, read about configuring triggers and automation activities in the automation studio because automation is the work hours in the marketing cloud. You will encounter questions about which automation to use and in which order for a given scenario. 


How to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant exam? 

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The exam preparation guide can help determine if you’re ready to pass the exam. This certification requires hands-on experience in Salesforce Marketing Cloud products. The preparation should start with getting as much real-life Marketing Cloud experience as possible. 

You can also self-study by grasping key concepts and writing them down alongside important related keywords. Read the exam outline to identify key concepts and use several resources available on the Salesforce help page to study for the exam. You can also search for a topic from the official Salesforce documentation and use your marketing cloud training account.  

Find valuable information on a given topic that explains a broad concept from the official documentation. It also provides hints and considerations. The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much time on many pages to understand the concepts. They are good resources for a good view of the marketing cloud product.  

Sometimes you can easily find results by searching the web or reading blogs. If you’re unsure of correct answers, the strategy is first to rule out wrong answers. You can also look for signals in scenarios that rule out some answers. 


Bottom line 

 The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant is a significant certification for a Marketing cloud consultant. You will need hands-on experience and study some topics to pass the exam. For example, the exam may test you on issues you haven’t encountered in your project. This article has provided a detailed overview of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consulting exam to help you focus your study efforts. You can try to pass the exam several times if you fail on the first trial.

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