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Bath Caddy – whim or indispensable item for bathroom interior?

There are many pieces of furniture that can be used in the bathroom, but not many people think about the bath caddy. A bath caddy is a great piece of furniture to use in the bathroom because it can hold everything you need while you’re taking a bath. Plus, it’s a great way to add some extra style to your bathroom. So if you’re looking for a new piece of furniture to add to your bathroom, be sure to consider the bath caddy.


Would you like a bathroom with an inviting, warm look? Set natural accents with a bamboo bath caddy. While enjoying a relaxing bath, books and smartphones stay dry on a sturdy, water-resistant bamboo shelf. You also always have a good glass of wine and romantic candles.



A bathtub caddy made of bamboo primarily enchants with its appealing, wood-like look. In fact, bamboo is not wood but woody sweet grass.


Natural bamboo creates a natural, warm and soothing atmosphere – just right to relax from the demanding everyday life. The light color also fits into any bathroom. A bathtub shelf looks particularly harmonious in combination with other bamboo bathroom furniture. But the bamboo accessory also fits perfectly into a bathroom with darker furniture or white high-gloss fronts.


A bath tray (example: must, of course, be able to withstand moisture and must not swell or become moldy. Bamboo is significantly more resistant to moisture and wear and tear than wood. They are usually given a clear coat of paint for an even longer life.


In addition, bamboo convinces with its high tensile and compressive strength. The material is just as hard and challenging as it is elastic. This makes bamboo easier to process than hardwoods. To have friends in your bathtub for a long time, you should still take good care of it and clean it. Dry the tub rim after each bath and allow the tray to dry completely before replacing it. This is how you avoid unsightly mold stains.


Another advantage of bamboo: the sweet grass grows back exceptionally quickly. Some bamboo species can grow up to seven centimeters per hour. Therefore, bamboo is a sustainable raw material despite the sometimes long delivery routes. With a bathtub holder made of bamboo, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but you are also protecting the forests.


The advantages of a bathtub caddy made of bamboo at a glance:

  • natural, calming radiance
  • very moisture resistant does not mold
  • extremely robust and flexible at the same time
  • easy-care
  • sustainable, fast-growing raw material


Royal Craft Wood Bath Caddy


Sarenius offers a unique bath caddy with storage for your books, phone and more. With three drawers to keep everything organized in the right place at all times! The removable shelf can accommodate drinks up to 8 ounces while storing smaller snacks or care products too – making this bamboo accessory perfect whether you’re just getting used itty bitty candles before bedtime because nothing beats warm water scented candle waxes coming out of those glass jars after being lit during sunset hours over looking ocean views from hot tubs…or if someone has recently had surgery where their favorite drink might be needed throughout recovery phase


The bath caddy includes a book holder so you can have all your favorite luxuries with ease. The natural antibacterial quality of bamboo makes this product safe for use in the tub while also making it convenient to store when not being used!


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