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Axie Infinity Server Status (Updated)

Axie Infinity Server Status (Updated)

Axie Zone Infinity has recently experienced an influx of fresh gamers. Axie Infinity servers may occasionally face overload or even unavailability due to the fact that the game is currently in its Alpha phases.

The developers may also undertake server maintenance to improve the game or upgrade the game’s servers to handle an ever-growing playerbase.

Players may have difficulty login in, fighting, or browsing the Axie  marketplace during certain downtimes and server maintenances.

Check the status of the game’s servers and the Axie Marketplace on this page. The data below is updated every 30 seconds and is updated in real time.

Axie Infinity Game Servers Status

Here is the current status of the Axie Infinity game servers:

  • Is the game under maintenance? No
  • Battles: Unknown

Axie Infinity Marketplace Status

Here is the current server status of the Axie Infinity marketplace:

  • Marketplace Server: Good
  • Marketplace Database: Down

How to check Axie Infinity Server Status

You can also check these pages and social media accounts to get the latest updates from the community or from Sky Mavis devs themselves:

Axie Infinity Server Issues

While we’re all dying to farm as many Smooth Love Potions as possible every day, keep in mind that Axie Infinity is still a young game.

Sky Mavis’ game developers are working hard to maintain upgrading their server’s capacity in order to handle the influx of new users.

They’ve just switched their technical team to focus on server concerns. They’ve also employed community members to lead their support system and added more individuals to work on scaling up their servers.

After all, the game is still in its early stages of development. Let’s continue to show our support and gratitude for the devs that work tirelessly to keep the servers up and operating at all hours of the day and night!


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