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Axie Tech Joins Axie Infinity, Announces Origin’s All-New Arena Mode

Axie Tech Joins Axie Infinity, Announces Origin’s All-New Arena Mode

Best (@bestaxies), the co-founder of Game+Earn and Axie Tech, has announced Axie Tech and Axie Infinity’s long-term community tooling relationship. Axie Tech also shows Origin’s all-new Arena Mode at the same time.

In Axie Infinity, the Arena Option is a player versus. player (PvP) gameplay mode where you’ll be pitted against other players and their Axies. The new Arena Mode, on the other hand, features three game styles as well as a new rating system. The Origin Arena Mode appears to be more enjoyable to play.
Practice mode, ranking mode, and tournament are the three Arena Modes in detail.

Users can practise their Axie talents without worrying about their ranking in Practice Mode. Each duel will award one EXP to the victor.
Ranked Mode — this mode has the same gameplay as practise mode but with a ranking system. The system is organised into eight levels, each of which is further broken into four tiers.
Tournament Mode will be available following the initial launch of Origin’s Alpha. In addition, players will have a new opportunity to demonstrate their Arena abilities.
Notably, the Origin Alpha launch is approaching quickly. Jeffrey Zirlin (Jihoz), co-founder of Axie Infinity, retweeted and commented on Axie Tech’s Twitter statement, saying:
Furthermore, the launch was delayed due to the Axie Infinity Ronin Network being hacked. Regardless, the entire Axie Infinity community has been patiently waiting for the Origin’s formal launch.

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