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AI is the acronym that identifies the concept and technology called Artificial Intelligence , that is the ability of any technological system to carry out specific activities, tasks given or to solve certain problems.

If we were to talk generically about Artificial Intelligence Certification in Hong Kong we would have to go into very specific and diversified, and even complex, areas today, since this technology can be applied across the board to any sector. And it is precisely on the basis of this last concept that it is our intention to show you how AI is literally changing the rules of Digital Marketing.

Together with Machine Learning , i.e. automatic learning by machines (which is not a branch of AI itself), Artificial Intelligence is one of the trump cards not only of future marketing, but even of the present one. At the basis there is of course the increasingly widespread and evolved ability of machines to interact with the environment that surrounds them (including human beings) and the subsequent re-processing of the data collected, which are then used to respond intelligently to specific tasks.

The digital transformation that is so much talked about is massively based on Artificial Intelligence, since there are more and more brands and companies that exploit the data collected by the machines to formulate ad hoc digital marketing strategies , increasingly calibrated, customized and customer- centric, so as not only to optimize the ROI , but also to increase the satisfaction of customers who have reached the maximum of their needs.

Not only that: Artificial Intelligence Certification in Hong Kong also allows marketers to carry out predictive analyzes based on the processing and analysis of real data and, consequently, to define preventive actions that allow companies to overcome and anticipate competitors, predict and respond to customer needs. , intercept potential leads, retain existing users and so on.

In essence, therefore, with regard to digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence allows a level of interaction with users that were previously inconceivable and consequently accelerates the evolution of the so-called creative multichannel marketing.

The User Experience itself is based on the objective of humanizing the objective data received by the machines – or the intelligent behavior of specific technologies – and transforming them into a point of contact between the brand and its target audience. A practical example? Chatboxes, designed to encourage interaction with users according to increasingly smart metrics and methods, and are now able to entertain a human being and converse with him, no longer limited to the mere provision of information.

In practice, chatboxes are programmed for interaction with the user on the basis of the data that this communicates to them, and it is estimated that the evolution of this technology will soon lead to parameters such as touch functions, voice recognition and facial recognition. The goal is always the same: to favor and maintain a positive interaction with the user and to acquire their behavior data, which is extremely precious for companies.

Generally speaking, Artificial Intelligence Certification in Hong Kong can and must be considered one of the most important new technologies among those that are questioning the old business models of companies and, consequently, end up opening the door not only to new skills. , but also to increasingly advanced and omnichannel digital strategies. The analysis and targeted study of the planning processes of advertising campaigns is only one of the possible outcomes of this new trend: the simulation of human learning that underlies AI will also allow the construction of static models on which to predict behaviors and interact with users, in the so-called Predictive Marketing , which is based precisely on forecasts based on probability.

Utilize factual scorecards like Propensity models to recognize possibilities that are bound to answer a proposition. It corresponds to client qualities with expected ways of behaving. For AdWords experts, it is pivotal to involve AI in which you characterize your ideal interest group and mission targets and the instrument naturally prescribes procedures to accomplish the ideal objectives.

Besides, prescient examination permits advertisers to separate data from information and utilizations it to foresee buy patterns and client ways of behaving. It will assist you with examining enormous volumes of information to reveal the most effective bits of knowledge.

How many companies are really ready for this kind of revolution, both in terms of technologiessoft skills, and mindset, is still to be discovered

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