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Angel Juicer for celery – Detailed Review

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Among all brands, Angle is the new engineering brand gaining its reputation in the market with its latest features and appliances. Among all its models, its juicers are the top-ranking items. If you are looking for the right juicer for celery, try one of the juicers that suit your needs. Wait! Before that, you need to know what is so special about these juicers and what makes their juicers the best juicer in the market.

Hence, head to the guide and see the detailed review of the Angel juicers to see if they suit you. Before that! Look at the Angles intro first!

Angle – About

Angle Cooperation Limited is a reputable brand founded in 1981 by famous producers that have been burning their midnight oil since their creation to produce high-tech twin-gear juicers. They started making their gear juicers in 1991 when they opened their twin gear system maker in Korea. Since then, they have been developing and making changes in their appliances. Therefore, among all the other juicers, no one can beat their juicer for celery as it is an ideal competitor of the best juicers in the present time. But what is so special about their juicers?

Angel juicers reviews

Now that you got a slight idea about the Angle. Let’s see some of the reasons that make their juicers the best. Through these details, you will get the idea of whether these juicers are worth buying or not.

Stainless-Steel Construction

First of all, in terms of constriction, these juicers are up to mark as high-quality stainless steel is used in every fitting. The material used in the construction is BPA-free and so durable that you can easily extract juice from fruits and veggies for over five years. Plus, the material is tested. As they are BPA-free, there will be no chemical reaction while juicing. You can easily extract the juice without worrying about the loss of nutrients. Lastly, the stainless steel assembling makes the juicer a bit heavier, making the item sturdy and easily fit on the countertop to offer smooth juicing without slipping.

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High yield Juicing

Angle is famous for twin gear juicers, and tin gear juicers are renowned for extracting more juice from any ingredients. Another fascinating part of these juicers is their juice yield. With the help of the twin gear system, the ingredients are finely moved towards the auger, slight pressure is placed, and the ingredients are finely crushed to extract more juice.

While extracting the motor world at slow RPM, although the motor is slow, this masticating juicer is way better than a power xl juicer as it assures you to preserve the quality of juice with its slow masticating technology.

Sky-high nutritious juice

As discussed above, the juicers work on slow masticating technology and low RPM, which means that the juicers produce limited oxidation. Oxidation is the reaction that takes place in the presence of oxygen, and if this reaction happens in food, it changes the food’s colour, odour, and taste. Therefore, while juicing, if the juicer works at high RPM, massive oxidation occurs, and the produced juice will have zero nutrients.

Therefore, with their cold press technology, Angle twin gear juicers assure you of limited oxidation. This technology works at low wattage and smoothly extracts the juice slowly. The end product is cold, fresh, zero oxidised and contains all the nutrients your body needs.

Noise level

Last but not least, noiselessness matters much when it comes to juicing. Therefore, every angle juicer for celery is equipped with noiseless features to offer you user and environmentally-friendly juicing at any pace. The motor works at low RPM means that the motor works at low speed, and hence, zero noise is produced.

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Final thought

Angle juicers are winning people’s hearts with their latest features and high-tech models. If you are new to this field and looking for the latest juicers, head to our details and go through the reputable firm’s juicer’s quality and see whether they meet your needs.

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