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An Overview of Yeoor Hills, Thane

An Overview of Yeoor Hills, Thane

Yeoor Hills are popularly considered a beautiful getaway through the chaos of the metropolis. It is situated in Upvan, Thane in the Mumbai district of Maharashtra. It is popular for walks, school field trips, bird watching, and trekking because of its flora and fauna. It is known as the buffer zone at the eastern Sanjay Gandhi National Park end.

When Yeoor Hills receives its first rains from the monsoon winds, the area becomes more energizing and vibrant.

Best Time to Visit Thane, Yeoor Hills 

The summer season is a good time to plan a trip to Yeoor Hills, as the temperature is less in between the lush green surroundings. However, the soothing green covers the forests at the greenest and is refreshing only after monsoons.  

Activities to Do at Yeoor Hills

The beautiful Yeoor hills in Thane provide you with a glimpse of serene and natural life in between the daily humdrum of urban areas. 

  • Near 80% of the land is conserved for the forest department and boasts the treasure of various species of butterflies, birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals. 
  • Here you are able to witness much-endangered fauna and flora, including wildlife animals like cobras, pythons, leopards, bamboo, etc.  
  • Yeoor is popular for its steep slopes, curvy roads, and adventurous cycling experiences. The complete year, the Yeoor Hills are the best destination for school trips, nature trail organizers, trekking, and camping events.  
  • There are Yeoor waterfalls, streams and caves available in the jungle, and Yeoor Hills is famous for its early morning prayers, bird watches and fitness enthusiasts. The place is considered heaven for people who are interested in tree spotting. 

What to Carry while Visiting Yeoor Hills?

Here are some important things you should consider carrying while visiting Yeoor Hills:

  • The ID proof you should carry for trail permission
  • Good grip quality shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Cap, goggles, etc. 
  • It would be best if you also carried the camera to capture the special moments of your tour to Yeoor Hills, Thane.
  • Mosquito repellant and personal medication 

How to Reach Yeoor Hills?

Yeoor Hills are connected to Thane, and Thane railway station is around 10 Km. There are two different ways to reach Yeoor Hills, one is by Upvan Lake, and another way is by Tikuji-ni-Wadi.

You can easily reach Yeoor Hills, only 30 minutes from Thane station. There is also the ‘Patonpada’ bus that takes you straight up and has the last village at the top of Yeoor hills through the side of Thane station. You can also take another bus from Pawar Nagar and get down to Gandhi Nagar or then take a rickshaw to Yeoor Hill. 


Yeoor Hills are the best place to visit in Thane anytime in the year. Ensure to carry the above things and follow the way to reach here with ease. 

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