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An AFO for foot drop helps stabilize your gait and prevent it from worsening. There are many types available. Leaf spring, Turbomed, and XTERN are a few that may be right for you. Learn more about each and decide which one is right for you. The best choice will depend on your needs and budget.

Ankle foot orthosis

Ankle foot orthoses can help a person with foot drop orthotics by supporting the muscles in the foot and ankle. This provides comfort and support, resulting in less pain. This in turn leads to improved confidence and endurance. It can also prevent muscle fatigue, deformity, and deterioration.

Foot drop is a common disorder that results from a lack of joint flexibility in the ankle. This can result from many causes including a disease or neurological condition. A person with foot drop will find it difficult to raise their foot, which is a common cause of falls. Fortunately, ankle foot orthoses can help correct this condition and get people back to walking normally.

Currently, ankle foot orthoses are commonly prescribed to help people with foot drop due to weak ankle muscles. They also help prevent foot deformities and increase stability in walking. They are often made from carbon fiber or plastic, and come in different levels of rigidity to meet different patient needs.

Leaf spring

An AFO for foot drop can be an effective treatment option for individuals with foot drop. It prevents abnormalities in gait and can help patients with foot drop get back to a normal walking pattern. There are several different styles of AFOs available. Some of these are rigid and can be used to support the front of the foot, while others are more flexible and can be worn on the posterior part of the foot.

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The most popular style of AFO for foot drop is a silicone AFO. It is designed to fit comfortably over the shoe and can be colour-matched to the wearer’s skin tone. These devices can be worn while swimming and are often helpful in patients who walk to the pool. There are also custom carbon fibre splints, which are designed to provide greater support and energy return. These devices are custom made based on a patient’s clinical needs.

The AFO is most comfortable when the correct socks are worn. The knee-high socks should be made of material that reduces friction. Cotton causes a lot of friction, which can be problematic when wearing AFO. For example, the Juzo Knee High Silver Socks are available in black and white and are designed for use with AFOs.


An AFO for foot drop is a brace used to correct a foot drop caused by a number of factors. It can help patients with spasticity, partial foot amputations, impaired balance, or weakness of multiple muscle groups in the leg. These devices can be custom-made according to clinical needs and can be worn for a variety of activities.

Patients with foot drop may benefit from a variety of different types of AFOs. Some AFOs are made with flexible material to promote movement while others are rigid to support the foot. Some models have hinges that allow patients to flex and extend their feet more than others. Some models are designed to work in combination with knee braces or orthotics.

Ankle Foot Orthosis devices are a low-cost, non-invasive solution for foot drop. They support the foot and hold it in a normal position, preventing it from dragging on the floor. However, if the AFOs fail to fix the foot drop, patients may need surgery or physical therapy.

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The XTERN is an ankle support system that allows dynamic dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. Wearing the device makes running and walking more comfortable and efficient. Its design allows it to conform to any surface, so it can be worn while hiking and running. It is not a game changer, but a useful addition to your normal routine. Unlike other braces, you can wear your regular shoes while wearing the XTERN.

The XTERN AFO supports the foot in any type of footwear, including sneakers, dress shoes, work boots, and sandals. This is because the device does not irritate the foot or take up space in the shoe. Despite its versatility, it is not recommended for patients with gross foot deformities, severe spasticity, or weakness in the quadriceps.

The XTERN AFO is the best solution for patients with foot drop. It is a dorsiassist posterior leaf spring AFO that allows full freedom of motion while minimizing discomfort. It fits comfortably in most shoes and is ideal for active people with foot drop. XTERN is available from Tony Martin Limb and Brace Tucson Orthotics.



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