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Team Bonding Activities Ideas

Activities For Office Team Building: One Should Know In 2022

Where there is unity, there is strength, you must hear this phrase. Fun team building activities for employees are working in the same way. They help to engage your employees whether they are remote or in-office. 


Do you ever have the advantage of managing a team? 


If yes! Then, we are sure you must know the value of team collaboration & teamwork. That’s why most HRs and managers find some best team building activities to bring their employees together and energize them. 


In this article, we will guide you step-by-step with some activities for office team building. So, keep reading this article. 


This article includes: 

  • Fun activities for employees at work
  • Team building activities for coworkers  
  • Fun team building activities
  • Team building exercises for work
  • Corporate team building activities

Trust us, this will pay you off! Let’s get started. 


The Best Activities For Team Building


Let’s start with the team-building exercises for work that can help to boost the communication between your employees. Here are some best team building activities: 


Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a great way to bring your employees together & collaborate. 


Separate your teams into small groups, and send them out with a mischievous items list to find and bring them. You can choose it to indoor or outdoor, it’s up to you. The main goal of the groups is to get back first with the maximum items. You also set a time limit so that all groups are back in the given time, whether they found any items or not. 


 A scavenger hunt can be themed and might involve a mixture of clues or other twists that force a team to get creative and work together. It is one of the fun team building activities for coworkers, that forces the team to work together and collaborate. 


Active Listening


Bring your team in for what seems to be a routine staff meeting. Have a long document full of mind-numbing but coherent jargon-filled speech that vaguely discusses sales and marketing objectives. There are a few sentences in the document that say something completely different. These sentences should include instructions or information that they will be quizzed on once you’re done.


Begin reading it in a monotone to your team. The goal is to get them to stop listening to you. Don’t put too much emphasis on the “real” sentences. When you’re done, give each team member a piece of paper. After that, ask them to write down what they believe you said. If any of your real sentences contained random information, have them answer a question about it.


Truth And Lie


Give each team member four similar slips of paper, or if they’re remote, have them use their laptops. Tell them to write down three truths and one lie on a piece of paper. The lie should be reasonable (e.g., “I’ve been to Mars”), and the tone of the truths and lies should not be offensive or crude. Allow each person in the group to read the truths and lies in random order. When they’re done, the group should discuss which facts they believe are true and which are false.


Human Knot


Human knots are fun team building activities for employees. In this activity team members have to come together to solve a puzzle or problem. Squeeze everyone into a circle and grab hands with people who aren’t directly next to them. Once everyone’s hands are entangled, the goal is to untangle without breaking the chain. You can make it more difficult by not allowing people to speak or imposing a time limit. 


To crawl over each other, you’ll need some legroom (not to mention an office culture where people are comfortable holding hands—be careful with this one), but if you’re up for it, it can be a fun puzzle.


Office Trivia


Nothing beats a good session of office trivia.


You can test how well your employees know inside jokes, random facts about the office, and company history by hosting office trivia.


The person who provides the most correct answers wins. Give the winner a strange prize to keep things interesting. It’s best to use random objects like a stapler or a bag of paper clips.



We hope these activities for office team building inspire you. These fun team building activities for employees help to bring them together and boost their mood and also productivity. 


Sure, you can form a team that works well together. However, if you want to build a team that sticks together, you’ll need to reinforce relationships with effective team-building activities. And it’s at this point that all of these concepts come into play.

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