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Aconcagua 360 Route

What help do you get from the best services to climb through the Aconcagua 360 route?

You have come to the right place to know all the help to get from the best services to climb through the Aconcagua 360 route. It is one of the best routes to climb Aconcagua to enjoy the natural beauty of the stunning landscapes of the magnificent Andes mountains. Climbing through the Polish Traverse route and descending on the normal route will provide both an adventurous and joyful experience. The best services from reputed climbing companies will start when you arrive at Mendoza airport through the exciting journey to boarding the flight back home. 

So, check out the many services the best company provides for climbing the Aconcagua 360 route without issues but with joy in every step up to the peak at nearly 7,000 meters above sea level.

Top ten services provided by the best company to climb Aconcagua 360 route

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America and the highest non-technical mountain worldwide. Yet, many casualties occur yearly because of insufficient help and guidance to reach its peak. Hence you should have all the help of the best company with years of experience to climb through the Aconcagua 360 route. The following are the services it provides to make your mountaineering and adventurous dream a reality easily and safely.

  1. Preparation for climbing Aconcagua 360 route

As soon as you call the best company, you get round-the-clock support to know all the details for having a wonderful trip climbing Aconcagua at your scheduled time, along with proper advice for training and preparing for it. 

  1. Pick up from the Mendoza airport & accommodation in a four-star hotel.

As soon as you get down to the Mendoza airport, their executives will pick you up to reach the four-star hotel for a comfortable stay to get rid of the jet lag and be ready to climb Aconcagua 360 route.

  1. Lost luggage help and luggage care

If in case you have lost your luggage on the airlines, get support to retrieve it from the airport authorities and also take care of the excess luggage during your trip up above Aconcagua

  1. Guidance and support to get permits

Ready the papers for you and your family or friends to get the permits from the authorities requiring physical presence 

  1. Help to buy or rent equipment and other things

Though Aconcagua 360 route needs only a few pieces of equipment, you must have all of them, unlike the direct route. Hence you get help to pack your luggage with the right equipment and other needs like clothing, food, and others for the next fifteen to eighteen days climbing Aconcagua. 

  1. Have professional and licensed guides

Get the best guides with enough experience and also licenses from reputed organizations like the EPGAMT, accredited by AAGM or Association for Mountain Guides and members of AGPMT

  1. Get porters and mules support

Can get the best porters and mules for carrying the luggage up the Aconcagua 360 route to climb without many difficulties

  1. Have nutritious and healthy food

Get healthy and nutritious food cooked by experts to be fit and strong to climb Aconcagua even with steep elevation and low oxygen levels

  1. Get the best tents in camps along with toilets

In all the camps in the mountains, get the best tents to sleep in without any issues, along with showers and toilets

  1. Transportation from the airport and park

Apart from picking up, transportation is available to reach the park and return to the airport to board the flight home. 

To avail of all the above services for the Aconcagua 360 route climb, contact the best and most experienced company.


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