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A Trip To Switzerland: 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Switzerland is a country whose Swiss Alps and towns look like a child with wild imagination has dreamed of them. It encapsulates glacier-capped peaks, crash-bang waterfalls and lakes, glimmering under the sun with the most surreal shade of turquoise blue.

Red trains curl up to the most unparalleled heights while meadows clang with the cowbells. You can skip down from there with a Heidi-like glee. Above all, it is adorned with turreted castles, brought to life from a fairy tale.

The cities demonstrate the beauty of culture, surrounded by magnificent vineyards. Lakes, rivers and mountains are just a whisper away. These natural beauties and more set Switzerland off the charts. It is an ideal destination to escape the metropolitan lifestyle of Dubai, especially during the summer holidays. Thus, book private jet charter flights beforehand to live off your dream of visiting this surreal country!

Here are a few reasons that will compel you to take a private jet flight to Switzerland with immediate action.

1.      Majestic Waterfalls Shimmer Their Way To Your Heart!

Switzerland has some of the most incredible waterfalls that enchant your heart and brings you closer to serenity. First, there is the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. It is the largest plain waterfall in all of Europe. These crashing falls are not only eye-candy but also the most impressive because of their massive size.

The second one worth visiting is Staubbach Falls. It is a high free-fall of water that comes down with a spray of mist when a gentle breeze blows during summer. Then, there is Giessbach Falls, a brook that flows down 14 steps before searching its way into Lake Brienz. Moreover, there is a glorious hotel near the falls that can only be accessed via funicular.

2.      Castles Will Take You Into A Fairy Tale

Castles may be found in all three regions of Switzerland, and they are all stunning. Visiting them is like being transported to another era. Many are surrounded by beautiful scenery, such as the Chillon Castle near Veytaux, a tiny town in Switzerland’s French area. The castle provides breathtaking views of Lake Geneva.

Aside from Chillon, there are the Castles of Bellinzona in Italy, the Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen, and the Hohenklingen Castle in Stein am Rhein, both in Germany.

3.      Home To The Most Luxurious Chocolate Factories In The World

Lindt & Sprüngli’s headquarters are in Kilchberg, a little village outside Zurich. Lindt makes the greatest chocolate. It’s the type of decadent, melt-in-your-mouth treat that makes any other dessert pale in comparison.

The firm was formally created in 1899, but founders Rodolphe Lindt and David Sprüngli-Schwarz had been creating chocolate since 1845. Lindt was the first to design the conch, a groundbreaking production method that resulted in the “melting chocolate” that we now know and adore. We recommend either visiting the factory or visiting the Lindt & Sprüngli shop on Paradeplatz in Zurich. You won’t be sorry if you try one of the truffles.

4.      Most Photographed Mountains

Whether you are a seasoned climber or enjoy taking photographs, the Matterhorn should be on your bucket list. It juts up into the sky like a jagged tooth, and there’s a reason it is the most photographed peak in the world. Its lonely top is one of the world’s most stunning vistas and should not be missed on any journey to Switzerland.

5.      Enjoy World-class Cuisine

Besides being hygienic and eco-friendly, the Swiss are also incredibly healthy, which means that preservatives and artificial sweeteners are considerably less likely to be found in their cuisine. The cuisine in Switzerland is fresh, and you can taste the difference. One of the things you will miss the most after returning from Switzerland is the bakeries. They are perfect for getting all kinds of odd breakfast or afternoon treats.

Eating out is expensive, but it is worthwhile. Rösti (the Swiss variant of hash browns) and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (slices of tender veal smothered in a sauce made with white wine, cream, onions, and mushrooms) are two of my favorite traditional foods. Fondue and raclette are two more popular traditional Swiss foods.

Fly Away To Swiss Alps!

Switzerland should seal its spot on the top of your bucket list. This country offers a tranquilizing sensation to the nerves. Its outdoor activities will calm you, vaporizing the weariness. Hence, look for an appropriate aircraft for sale immediately and set a date on your calendar to leave! 

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