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TikTok Marketing

A Step-By-Step Guide To Create Your TikTok Marketing Plan

TikTok has gone from zero to a hero in less than four years of its launch worldwide. With over 1.2 billion active users worldwide, TikTok can take your brand to global markets. First, you’ll have to develop a solid marketing strategy to level up your TikTok. More social media marketers use the tiktok likes counter to track the real-time count for their promotional videos. Then, use TikTok marketing as you use other platforms and create a successful marketing campaign. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to creating a winning marketing strategy for your brand on TikTok.

Open A TikTok Business Account

Start with a TikTok business account by downloading the application and signing up. Next, click on the profile icon’s menu option to find the settings and privacy on your TikTok. Here you will find an option that enables you to switch to a business account under the option manage accounts. Finally, choose the appropriate category for your business and add links to your other social media accounts on TikTok. Remember to add your brand logo and an impressive bio to state what your business is willing to offer your audience. Using a TikTok business account gives you free access to your account’s insights and analytics. Additionally, you can easily track your marketing campaign by looking at the engagement figures and more.

Identify Your Target Audience

You will not succeed in your business if you think the whole world is your marketplace. Narrow down the target audience by understanding who would need your product the most. Start collecting the data of existing customers to understand your audience category. TikTok analytics lets you find your target audience in a particular region. Compare and view your competitors video metrics by leveraging tiktokcounter and take necessary steps to up your TikTok game. Use the information collected to identify and run a successful campaign on TikTok.

Reach Out To Influencers

Collaborate with an influencer in the same category as your business and gain visibility on TikTok quickly. But the real issue is finding suitable influencers to collaborate with your business. If you have found the right influencer, develop a good relationship and collaborate with them more often. Influencers help your brand gain credibility with their power to influence their audiences. Use a TikTok business account for your brand to connect with an influencer easily.

Explore Your Competitor’s Content

Identify the strategies of your competitors with a competitor analysis. You’ll be able to collect data on what works for your competitors on TikTok. It would be best to refine all the strategies and use them for your TikTok marketing. Conduct your competitor analysis stress-free with tiktokcounter and create interactive videos that helps to stand ahead of the competitive curve. Some questions to ask before starting a competitor analysis are:

  • What hashtags work for them on TikTok?
  • What’s their posting time?
  • Are they tagging users or influencers on their TikTok?
  • Do they focus on user-generated content?
  • Do they interact with their audience by replying to comments?

Along with these questions, you can also identify their best strategy by comparing their best and least performed TikTok videos. Comparisons give you insights into the mistakes you should avoid on TikTok. Finally, take notes on how they create a sponsored post or the type of influencers they use for TikTok.

Track Your Performance

You can easily track your performance on your TikTok using all the free analytics available for business accounts. Keep an eye on your performance and make necessary adjustments to your TikTok strategy accordingly. The tools give you access to view various data, such as likes and comments, total playtime, and average watch time. This data can help you discover what your audience wants to watch often on your TikTok. Additionally, TikTok gathers valuable insights about your followers, such as:

  • Location
  • Gender Distribution
  • Peak active times and days of your followers
  • Other content they consume
  • The sounds they listen to regularly.

Use the best use of these follower data to create the best content to reach your target audience. For instance, create a TikTok with their favorite sound as the background of your video. Your audience’s interest will peak when you start making content they are willing to watch on TikTok.


TikTok is not a social media platform you can afford to miss out on with its growing daily. The above article will give you a guide to making your TikTok marketing a success. In addition, incorporating these steps gives you a clear idea of how to create the best TikTok videos. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas, as you never know what can go viral.

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