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A Step By Step Guide To Complete Data Backup Strategy For Salesforce

If you are running a business that uses Salesforce software to manage data, you might want to consider your backup strategy. The task of backing up your data requires expertise and knowledge in certain aspects. While many people confuse this with exporting your data from Salesforce, it’s not that simple. It is possible to experience a data breach due to human errors. 

In such case, you have no other option but to keep an eye on all the activities of your staff and users who may be involved in any sort of data breach and improper use of your Salesforce. That’s why you need to have an effective backup strategy for the Salesforce deployment of your system. A data backup strategy is not the same as a Salesforce export strategy. 

You know how important it is to keep your data safe and secure with the best possible backup as a business. However, backing up your business data on Salesforce is not a simple scenario. There are many technicalities associated with proper data backup and recovery processes at Salesforce. This step-by-step guide is made for people looking to start their data backup strategy.

Backing up Data: Not Just For Businesses

You’re working on a sensitive document one day, and suddenly your laptops crash. It doesn’t boot up at all. What would be your first instinct? Most likely, you’ll be compelled to contact IT Support and get the issue sorted out. If you had a backup strategy in place beforehand, you wouldn’t have to face this calamity.

The best way to understand the importance of a Data Backup Strategy is by looking at how your data might get corrupted or damaged. For example, take this scenario: You are running your business from home, keeping your files mostly in the cloud, and uploading directly from your desktop or laptop computer.

Whether your business is large or small, you must have a backup policy. Without one, you’ll never be able to get an effective data backup strategy for the Salesforce deployment of your system. Keep yourself up with salesforce data recovery costs in mind while choosing the right backup strategies for you.

Understanding The Security Structure of Salesforce

When you are looking at a data backup strategy, it’s important to understand the security structure of Salesforce. Two security keys need to be considered- The master encryption key and the User encryption key. Salesforce has a unique way of encrypting your data. Here are a few pointers related to the security of Salesforce:

  • Currently, Salesforce is managing around ten global data center
  • To avoid any interruption in data due to failure at a single location, Salesforce manages from two different and geographically diverse data centers.
  • On top of it, some instances are directly served from AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud infrastructure to Salesforce in Canada, the USA, Australia, and India.
  • Near-time and accurate real-time replication of data threads
  • All data is copied at multiple places across different data centers
  • Connections that are highly secured and encrypted
  • 24/7 worldwide monitoring data and networks

Suppose you don’t create an effective backup plan for your Salesforce system. It uses the user encryption keys, and they should be compiled in a manner so that they can decrypt the data that you export from your system, which is called the master encryption key. In that case, there is a significant risk of exposing private and sensitive information to unauthorized parties, which will eventually lead to legal issues, reputational loss, and financial loss too.

Points To Remember While Ensuring Backup For Your Data

You need to follow certain steps for a successful backup plan for your Salesforce system. Some of these steps are listed below and explained in detail.

Have A Dedicated Team For Data Backup Of the Salesforce System

Having a dedicated team responsible for data backup will ensure that there is no miscommunication between different departments and people. This will also avoid human error, which is very common today.

  • Choose The Right Tool For Data Backup 

There are several tools that you can use to back up your data. But make sure you choose the right tool that is compatible with Salesforce. While regular steps are provided below, they might not fit all business requirements as every business has different needs and objectives. Therefore, you need to use specially customized tools to get the best results while backing up data.  

  • Ensure The Accuracy Of Salesforce Data Backup Plugins 

While many companies offer backup plugins, not all of them are reliable. Always ask for references and reviews before you buy one to be confident that it’s a legitimate product and has been tested extensively by technicians and experts. Some of the best backup plugins out there are listed below.

  • Regular Backups for Your Database

Lastly, regular backups are required for you to be able to access your data whenever you need them. Take regular backups, whether you are using a third-party application or any other backup strategy. You will never know when the case of loss or corruption arises, so it’s best to be prepared on a regular basis. 

  • Getting A Backup Device

Next, you need to have a backup device in place. This enables you to restore your data in case of corruption or loss. It’s best to ensure that the backup device is not connected all the time in order for it to protect your data from being destroyed due to power cuts and sudden glitches/failures.

Additionally, Force Backup is an excellent tool for your data backup needs in case of disaster recovery or when you need to move your SFDC environment to a new server. A Salesforce Data Backup Strategy is a series of steps that must be followed regularly to protect your data from corruption or loss. 

Hence, the steps vary according to a business’s needs.

The Salesforce platform is one of the greatest things in cloud technology. Regular Salesforce backup is the key to success in protecting your data from corruption or loss. Still, if you don’t follow a proper salesforce Guide To Becoming A Salesforce Developer to protect your data from corruption or loss, it will become another useless feature. 


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