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A Relaxing Vacation at the Lake: Poilsis Prie Ezero?

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A relaxing vacation at the lake can rejuvenate your body and mind, making it easier to deal with the stress of everyday life when you return home. By choosing to stay at Poilsis Prie Ezero, your vacation destination in Vilnius, you can be sure that your trip will be relaxing from start to finish. The friendly and helpful staff at our luxury resort makes sure that all of your needs are met, from arranging your tours to helping you find fun activities for the whole family during your stay in Vilnius! For more information on our beautiful hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania, contact us today!

The Right Time of Year

Summer is quickly approaching, and many people are taking a vacation to escape the summer heat. But what are you going to do if you want to stay in town? Many people are looking for a place near water, but there is one place that has been mentioned more than others. The picturesque village of Poilsis Prie Ezero is situated on the banks of an inland lake. With this location, it’s no wonder that it attracts so many visitors every year. This year, why not take a relaxing vacation by yourself or with your family?

Arrival and first impressions

The sun was setting as I pulled into the gravel parking lot. The woods on either side of me were dark and seemed to stretch for miles in either direction, but I paid them no mind. All I had to do was find my way to the cabin. The path led through a cluster of trees that obscured most light from view, save for what little diffused through their leafy canopies. It was only when I emerged from their shadows onto a small dirt road lined with cottages did the full glory of nature come into focus.

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The lake and its surroundings

The weather was absolutely perfect for a day of fishing and relaxing on the lake. The lake is surrounded by trees and boulders, with chirping birds and a cool breeze to keep away those pesky mosquitoes. I felt so relaxed as I watched my bomber in the water, waiting patiently for something to bite. As the sun dipped lower into the horizon, I decided it was time to head home. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, and before I knew it, the sky had turned dark purple.

The accommodations

The house was a quaint two-story cottage that had been in my family for generations. It had originally been built by my great-great-grandfather, and all the furniture had come from him as well. The walls were filled with memories and stories, both sad and happy. There was a large fireplace in the middle of the living room, and I always made sure to keep it stocked with wood so that it would be ready for those long winter nights when it snowed outside.

Poilsis prie Akmenių ežero | House in Alytus county

Juoda Truoba poilsio nameliai is a wooden house with a yard and a garden, in Alytus county. It is located by Akmenių ežero lake, which is one of the most popular lakes for tourism in Lithuania. Our house has three rooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. One of the main features of our property is that it has a private beach on which you can go fishing or swim. The city of Alytus is 5 kilometers away from our property, so you will be close to everything during your stay.

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Places to Stay Near Alytus county

Juoda Truoba poilsio nameliai (Places to Stay Near Alytus county) iki miego kelio, poilsio stovykla, kuri yra uz Juoda Truoba poilsio nameliu. Miesto vieta – pusantro kilometro nuo Alytu, per tik uz autobusu. Keliauti gale juos galima automobiline transportacija arba pa-lankstyt is Kaunas. Galite pasitiket visiems ir visaip be laiko praversti. Klaida, jeigu nepaaiksciam savo idelias apgyves pries apsilankymui pagalbos skaicius.


Poilsis prie ezero, or an evening by the lake, can be relaxing and beautiful. Being by water is therapeutic for many people because it offers a calming effect that many people need in their daily lives. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or spend time with your family and friends, poilisi prie ezero is one of those places you should go to when you’re in need of solace.

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