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A Dubai Desert Safari Can Be a Memorable Experience

A Dubai desert safari can be a truly memorable experience. Unlike other excursions, you can choose to take your tour during different times of the day. You can spend the morning or the evening enjoying the sunrise or sunset. There are many activities that you can do on your excursion, including sandboarding, camel riding, and more. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter, you’ll find a desert safari to suit your interests.

The Best Option

Depending on your budget and the time of year, you may opt for a morning or afternoon desert safari. Morning safaris tend to be more relaxing, while afternoon and evening desert safaris tend to be more active and exciting. A morning safari begins in the early morning and includes a variety of activities including dune bashing, camel riding, and quad biking. The afternoon safari begins in the late afternoon and usually includes a camel farm visit.


When booking a Dubai desert safari, make sure to check out which activities are included. Some of the more adventurous tours do not include camel riding and sandboarding. Others have family-friendly options that include a desert walk. If you’re looking for a more leisurely tour, you should choose an overnight tour. Some tours even offer activities for kids such as sandboarding. You should also be aware of the number of people that will be on your tour and how much time they’ll be spending in the vehicle.

Dunes And The Dune Buggy

Before taking a Dubai desert safari, it’s important to decide which type of dune buggy you’d like. The extreme version of the tour includes higher dunes and the dune buggy is slightly smaller. The standard version is less expensive and will be more suitable for children. Aside from the prices, look for good reviews from previous customers. The best ones will also not cut corners when it comes to safety.

For Families

A Dubai desert safari can be a memorable experience for the whole family. There are many things to do in the desert, from stargazing to dune bashing. Depending on the type of tour, you may want to include a trip on a quad bike. Other activities that you may enjoy on a Dubai desert safari include a camel ride, dune skiing, sandboarding, and cultural shows.

A Dubai desert safari can be a fun adventure for the whole family. The tours are designed to be educational, and are geared towards families and young children. For the more adventurous, a Dubai desert safari can be a great way to spend the day with friends and family. A desert safari is a must-do activity in the city. Some even have a camel farm for you to feed the camels.

Experience For All Ages

The desert safari is a unique experience for all ages, so dress appropriately for the climate. Wear clothing that provides sun protection, but is still comfortable and breathable. The best desert outfits are made of cotton or linnen. In addition, closed shoes are better for the activities. Flip-flops are uncomfortable and difficult to find. Besides, sunscreen and sunglasses are also essential. You’ll need them to protect yourself from the heat and the blazing sun.

Cultural Activities

While on a desert safari, you’ll get to enjoy both cultural and adventure activities. There are also options for those who want to do both. Some of the most popular activities include camel riding and sandboarding. The more active options include the option to skip the meals altogether. In addition to the camel farm, you’ll also get the chance to experience a belly dancing show. The desert safari can also include fire shows, henna painting, and quad biking.

Bottom Line

On a desert safari, you’ll get to see a variety of wildlife and other animals. You may even spot Arabian gazelles and oryxes. You’ll be able to enjoy a picnic lunch or a three-course dinner. A desert safari is a great way to see the country in its natural element. A sandboard in the sand will give you the freedom to move and ride a camel.


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