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A comprehensive manual for trading on metatrader 4 

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A platform for trading and studying the financial markets is called metatrader 4. Metatrader 4 provides users with quick, safe, and dependable access to sophisticated trading capability. It has developed into one of the most well-liked trading platforms among sales professionals as a result of its nature. Simply download, set up, and begin selling!

Simply adhere to these four instructions to begin using MT4:

Open a trading account with a broker, download metatrader 4, install metatrader 4, and then log in using your credentials.

Installing metatrader 4

Run the file after downloading metatrader 4 and follow the installation wizard’s prompts. A shortcut to the programme will appear on your desktop after installation. The software’s location may then be selected from among your files. Changing the software’s location is quite simple. After the installation is finished, you may launch MT4 by simply double-clicking the shortcut that was created.

Using metatrader 4’s Stop-Loss feature

You have fields to specify the Stop Loss level and the Take Profit level, as you can see from the Order window below. The current market price will be shown in the Stop Loss box if you click either the up or down arrow (the platform uses the bid price). You can see how your suggested stop level corresponds to the current bid and offer prices on the chart on the left.

How to use metatrader 4’s Limit Order feature

Simply enter the target price level in the Take Profit box of the Order window above to set a limit to cancel a transaction. The limit order may also be used to open a position. You must update the Market Execution Type box to Pending Order to do this. Then, you can decide whether to use Buy limit or Sell limit from the Pending Order Type drop-down option.

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The best way to save a customised profile in metatrader 4?

The only thing to do in this situation is:

  • When you shut off the MT4 forex platform, stay on your profile.
  • But the next time you access the FX site, your profile with your charts and the various systems will be there.

Admirals provides limitless, cost-free MT4 demo accounts. Using an Admirals sample account, you may try all these capabilities in real-world settings to see how well-designed the trading platform is.

How to configure metatrader 4’s default pip orders?

The default performance of a trade is the order levels reflected in the absolute market levels unless you set a stop-loss or take-profit. Once a stop or limit order has been added in this manner, you may go to the Trade tab of the Terminal window (CTRL + T to open or exit this window), right-click on the trade you desire, and then choose Edit or Delete order. This will open the order window, allowing you to modify your order levels relative to the live market price in units of points (not pips).

Orders Closing on the MT4 Chart

Given that it simply uses the MT4 chart, this option is quite simple to understand. The entrance part is covered in scarlet fabric during the trade.

To shut, utilise this option in the trading platform’s initial functionality. You may close the transaction on Metatrader 4 by selecting the “Close” option by clicking right on this red line. 

The “Modify” option in particular may be found here and offers you access to the opening window’s initial location. Saying in this window;

  • The Stop Loss threshold
  • Take-profit threshold
  • The parameters define how the transaction will be closed in terms of gain or loss.
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Keep in mind that you may also create a stop loss and take profit by observing and adjusting the red line of our entry level.

How to modify metatrader 4’s trading volume?

Deal volume in metatrader 4 refers to the quantity of lots involved in the trade. As we saw above, you must enter the value in the Book field of the Order window when you begin a transaction.

The volume (or size of your position) may be increased after you initiate a trade in one market by starting another position in the same direction in the same market (obviously, at a new price), or the volume can be decreased after you partly close your position.

On metatrader 4, How to Trade Stocks?

With MT4, trading stock cfds differs somewhat from trading forex. Opening the Market Watch window on MT4 (CTRL+M to open and shut) is the simplest method to see the CFD pricing list.

If you want to see a price chart for a symbol in this list, just right-click the symbol and choose Chart. Additionally, you may choose New Window, followed by Stock cfds, by clicking on Window at the top of the mt4 trading platform. A list of equities that you may trade will be provided.

Simply click New Order on the toolbar to launch the order window after you have the desired stock selected in the chart window. Simply pick your transaction size and whether to trade at the market, use a stop order, or place a limit order after that.


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