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testing mobile apps

A complete guide to testing mobile apps with in depth tutorials

This tutorial covers everything you need to know about testing app¬†technology and how to test them. Mobile solutions have taken over the mobile market. People don’t want to switch on their laptops/PCs for everything,

Instead, they want their handheld devices (smartphones) to perform everything quickly. Hence the mobile solutions which are delivered to our clients should be thoroughly tested.

Native Application Development

Native apps are created for specific platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. Mobile web apps are created for accessing website on mobile devices.

Native apps are more stable than mobile web apps because they are downloaded directly from app stores. Native apps are updated centrally whereas mobile web apps are updated through the internet.

Native apps are faster than mobile web apps because native apps are downloaded directly from app store and do not need to go through the internet.

The Importance of Usability Testing in Mobile Application Development

testing mobile applications on mobile devices is much harder than testing them on desktops. There are many different types of mobile devices, and there are many different operating systems.

Each device has a different keyboard, and some devices use touch screens instead of physical keyboards. Some devices have different software programs, and some devices run different operating systems. Mobile networks also change frequently, and this makes testing even more difficult.

Testing mobile applications is an essential part of developing them. A bug-free app is always better than an incomplete or buggy one. Mobile apps are used by millions of people every day, and if you want your app to be successful, then you need to test it thoroughly before releasing it.

Mobile App Testing Strategies That Work

The test strategy should ensure that the application’s quality and performance guidelines are met. Some pointers in this area

  • Selecting the devices – Analyze the market and select the devices that are widely-used. This decision mainly depends on the clients. The clients or the app developers consider the popularity factor of some devices as well as the need for the application to be tested on them
  • Emulators – The use of these is very useful in the initial stages, as they allow quick checks of the app. An emulator is a system that executes software from one environment to another environment without changing the software. It duplicates the feature and works on the real device.

A mobile app testing is the process of ensuring that an app developed for handheld devices meets certain criteria. App testing is necessary to ensure that the final product functions properly during its customer experience journey. Testing helps increase user engagement by ensuring the app works as intended.

Testing an app should be done by users themselves. Users should try out apps without any risk or fear of losing data. Apps should work well on both android and iOS platforms. Apps should not crash during use.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Mobile App Test Plan?

Mobile applications are different than other types of software because they run on different operating systems and have different screen resolutions. You need to test them differently as well.

Mobile apps are mostly used by people who want to access information or do some work online. There are many kinds of mobile apps available, such as native apps, hybrid apps, and mobile web apps. A mobile app should be tested before being released to ensure that it works properly.


Mobile apps should be tested thoroughly before releasing them to the public. Make sure that the app works well on both Android and iOS platforms. Be familiar with the mobile app testing tools available. Know how to test the app manually as well as automatically. Use real devices whenever possible. Use emulators and simulators when needed. Performance testing is important. Don’t automate too much or you’ll end up with a buggy product. Beta testing is always an additional advantage. Plan out your testing activities carefully.

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