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8theme's HandTools Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme Review

8theme’s HandTools Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme Review

If you’re running a store selling tools, you’ve probably considered purchasing a WordPress WooCommerce theme. In this article we will discuss some features of handtools WordPress WooCommerce theme by 8theme. A good template for selling tools business will be stylish and easy to use, and it’s built with the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, and WooVina. Moreover, all pre-built layouts are fully responsive and have been tested on both iOS and Android. Handtools store WordPress WooCommerce theme is a very attractive and effective online store theme. The following are some of the most noticeable features that are available in this template. So let’s get started

Product builder vertical slider items per view

Elementor demos: Minimal Fashion, Animals, Flowers, and WPBakery Real Estate are now compatible with Handtools store WordPress WooCommerce theme. Several new settings are available in the Customizer such as Overlay Content on image hover, Box Shadow On Hover, Bordered Layout, and No Space. This theme also has several useful widgets, including Elementor 8theme products.

Product builder’s vertical slider now works properly in Handtools store WordPress WooCommerce template. This theme contains several features and improvements, including:

  • Fix for ajax search failure on no results page.
  • Fix for double-slider after ajax filter.
  • Fix for product category accordion in Handtools store WordPress WooCommerce theme by 8theme.

Mobile menu custom icon svg option

In the Handtools store wordpress themes, you can now select a custom icon for the mobile menu content. The icon is a part of the Menu Icon component, which makes it visible to the mobile user. In case the screen size is smaller than 980px, the theme will switch to the mobile default menu.

Filter Products by Price

When displaying products in the Handtools store, you may want to filter them by price. To do so, use the Filter Products by Price block. You can configure the value of the slider, which will automatically be set to $0 and cap at the price of the most expensive product. If you’d like to show only the most expensive products, however, you can change the slider value yourself.

To enable the Filter Products by Price block, you must first use the All Products WooCommerce block. Without this element, you’ll be unable to filter products by price. It’s also not visible on the editor screen. You have to publish and preview the page to see it in action. You can also turn off this block in the Admin section.

WooCommerce pagination styles if Ajax loading

If your website uses Ajax loading, you’re probably wondering how to fix this issue. You’re not the only one, as a number of other plugins have similar issues. In particular, some of them conflict with WooCommerce. But, thankfully, there’s now a fix! This new version of WooCommerce includes fixes for pagination styles when Ajax loading is used.

FIXED: JS error when loading products from Ajax: If Ajax is used to load a product, you’ll need to enable the Ajax-enabled pagination styles in order to see the results. There’s a solution to this issue, however. Simply enable the Ajax loading feature in the theme’s settings.

FIXED: Adding navigation to the product page causes the cart page to appear without a footer. Navigation now adds the product’s name and description before the content, so the customer can browse products without the ad. Ajax loading also makes the cart content unusable on mobile devices. This error can be remedied by updating the Font Awesome plugin.

This is a Best theme for your online handtools website. Use this theme to make a beautiful WooCommerce website to increase your sales by attracting customers with its style and layouts.

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