Plumbing is one of those areas  that we don’t want to think about until we have to. As much as you’d like to consider  yourself  DIY-savvy and try to fix plumbing issues on your own, it is nowhere near professional plumbing services that an expert delivers, applying his expertise and sharp acumen. It’s best to leave certain jobs to professional plumbers. The best plumbers in Melbourne can address any situation swiftly and effectively, getting you on your way with minimal disruption.

Neglecting to call a professional when you need one can lead to severe problems down the road, and you’ll end up spending more time and money than is necessary.  Here are 8 signs that it’s time to call a plumber before disaster strikes.

Here’s How to tell if you Need a Plumber

When the Sink is Slow to Drain

You’ve been washing your dishes, taking a shower, and doing all the things you usually do around the house, but something feels off. The sink is taking longer than usual to drain. 

It could be an indication of a clog in the pipes. If this happens once in a while, you can usually fix the problem by plunging the drain or using a snake tool. But if you find that your sink drains slowly regularly, it’s time to call a plumbing service and have them take care of the issue permanently. Minor plumbing issues, like leaks and clogs, are easy to diagnose and quick to fix. But, when left unresolved for long periods, they can cause significant damage. 

Water Pressure is Non-Existent

If you notice that there is no water pressure from your faucet or if your water pressure has dropped significantly in recent months, this could mean there is either a severe back-flow issue or the pipes need to be replaced entirely. A plumber can help you determine which of these scenarios is true by examining the plumbing system in your home.

If neglected for long, it may be too late to salvage your pipes, and the cost of repairing them will be higher than it would have cost earlier.

Water is Gurgling Up

It’s common for your pipes to make some noise, but if you hear a gurgling sound that doesn’t go away, it could be an indication of a problem with your plumbing. If the gurgling continues and gets louder, that’s a sign that water needs to be drained from the system. Cut off the water immediately and call your plumbing company for an inspection before it gets any worse.

Backflow Issue

Backflow prevention devices prevent sewage from flowing back into drinking water supply lines during maintenance or repair work on Plumbing services. When these devices malfunction or break down altogether due to age or wear and tear, sewage can leak into drinking water system lines and cause serious health issues if left untreated for too long! It’s essential  to call in a professional as soon as possible if you suspect something like this is happening.

Your Pipes Have Burst

If you notice water coming out of places where there shouldn’t be any, like under your sink. Or if water starts pouring out of one area when you turn on the faucet elsewhere in the house, then it’s likely that one of your pipes has burst. Call a Melbourne plumber right away to make sure this doesn’t do more damage or cause flooding. For severe water damage to your property, call an expert like water damage restoration Denver to take care of the problem. Whether you are dealing with a major leak, flood, or frozen pipe burst, their team is ready to help you get things back to normal as soon as possible.

No Hot Water 

Does your shower start to run cold while you’re still using it? Hot water is a daily convenience that we require in everything from cooking to doing laundry and we only realise its importance once we run out of it. Most likely, the cause for little to no hot water is an underlying issue with your water heater system. It’s best to call a professional to get it fixed immediately.

Smelly Wet Basement

When your basement becomes wet, or if it has been consistently damp for several months and doesn’t seem to be drying out, it could be time to call in a plumbing company. It is especially true if the water smells like sewage or comes from an unknown source (i.e., not your toilet). It could be due to leaks in the pipes or water main. Leaks can be small or large, but they can all cause significant damage to your home and belongings. It’s wise to think ahead and not let a minor problem escalate further. 

Installing New Appliances

If you’re planning on installing new appliances in your home, a washer/dryer set or dishwasher, they must be properly installed by someone who knows the drill . You might be tempted to do it yourself to save a little money but end up leaking sewage into your home, which could cause severe damage to your plumbing system and appliances. These problems can be avoided by calling a plumber now before they unnecessarily strain your wallet and only turn into bigger problems.

So before installing any new appliances, make sure to get them professionally installed by a licensed plumber

Final Words

A plumbing issue can be far more than an inconvenience; it can be an emergency. That’s why it’s essential to keep on top of your unit’s general well-being. If you notice any of the following signs, don’t wait until you have a full-on disaster before you call a plumber.

A little bit of preventative maintenance, especially when it comes to your plumbing system, can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. So the next time you think something might be wrong, give Doyle plumbing group, a premium plumbing service provider, a call. We can help you with a free estimate and tell you all about our wide range of services in this particular niche.

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