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8 Exciting New Trends in Web Design and Development

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Web development trends keep on evolving, and it’s essential to keep up with them. Design elements that were once innovative and uber-cool are now just clichés and boring. Being outdated can bring a lot of negative outcomes to the business. Especially nowadays, when everything is about aesthetics, it is vital to be aware of the changes happening in the industry. 

So, what’s new in the web design and development space? The best web design companies in Dubai help you integrate these exciting web design and development technologies into your website project.

From website performance to the user experience, failing to employ new trends will result in major drawbacks for the website. It may lose traffic, and your clients may start giving their work orders to your competitors. To remain at the top in your field, it is extremely important to opt for the latest web design and development trends. Here are some of the most compelling upcoming technologies that are likely going to be widespread shortly. You can take the help of the Pimcore development company to integrate this solution into the system.

Businesses these days are driven by data, and a website that can aggregate, enrich, and manage the data better serves the purpose. In this context, Pimcore’s open-source digital platform is considered to be the perfect solution.     

  • Push Notifications 

When the users are browsing, some popups come up in front of them that allows them to click on it and go to the company’s website. Push notifications usually convey significant information like offers, deals, or big announcements. They instantly grab the attention of the users and increase the conversion rate. Several brands are using these notifications, but it’s still not across the board. Experts predict that push notifications may replace email marketing to a great extent. From driving clients to increasing ROI, these popups do it all. 

  • 3D Visuals 
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This concept is not new, but it is becoming more and more viral as we speak. With responsive designs becoming mandatory for sites, 3D visuals are a notion that complements the new trends in this field. While high-quality pictures are still important, 3D models can depict a better idea of the product to the users. They can move it with the help of a cursor and have access to its 360-degree view. From patterns and texts to objects, anything works in the case of these visuals. Moreover, it makes the website look aesthetic and appealing. You can opt for the best web design companies in Dubai to get such services.

  • Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the qualities of the app and the cost-effectiveness of web technologies. For small businesses, building a high-end application can be an expensive and big project. They can choose Progressive web apps that give the feel and functionality of a native app, such as those that run on Android and iOS.      

Progressive web apps provide a seamless user experience and reduce development costs at the same time. Since most users spend their time on smartphones, businesses must update web applications into progressive web apps. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are some languages that will be the codework behind this development. 

  • AI Chatbots 

While AI chatbots already exist, they will become even more refined. Apart from answering frequently asked questions and resolving queries, chatbots will also make the customer experience a wonderful one. They will meet the demands by leveraging human behavior with the help of machine learning and language processing. Along with the users, AI chatbots can also benefit web developers greatly. They make the development part quite easy by superseding navigational website elements. Since chatbots already have messengers, developers do not need to make more apps for this purpose. 

  • Blockchain Technology 
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As the name suggests, this technology stores the data in blocks, and later they get joined as a chain. This is an encrypted database-storing technology that has a wide array of benefits. First of all, blockchain makes transactions secure and free of errors. Digital currencies are a part of the blockchain, and the scope of this technology will only get wider. 

Combining blockchain technology with web development brings lots of real-world benefits, such as immutability and transparency. Maintaining data in a blockchain-based website ensures it’s beyond manipulation, and transparent, at the same time. Government departments that generate a good deal of such data may find this technology more suitable to their needs.  

  • Voice Search Optimization 

Today, we live in a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) is commonplace, and voice assistants are becoming popular. With their rising popularity, voice search optimization is in high demand in apps and web pages. While this feature is already widespread, voice assistants will be able to recognize different voices by next year. This will provide a personalized AI-based experience for the users. Voice search optimization allows users to save time and help them quickly search for something. It can answer customer queries very quickly, which makes the user experience incredible. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are the most popular voice assistants as of now. By 2023, there are going to be around 8 million digital voice assistants, according to research. 

  • Experimental Navigation  

Unlike the conventional ways, experimental navigation allows the users to navigate the site in a particular way. For instance, you can suggest to the users in which order they should browse your site. When they click on the menu, you can design the drop-down list in a numbered way that is easy for users to understand. This is a trendy web design feature that the best web design companies in Dubai will include in a web design package. Moreover, this type of navigation can provide users with a seamless experience as they can get what they are searching for instantly.

  • College Art 

Collages are a magazine format that is bright and colorful and consists of attractive pictures. This concept is now becoming trendy on websites. It allows designers to create appealing themes like abstract, contemporary, and modern. Composition, patterns, and textures are vital aspects of college art. These collages can be minimalistic or full of colors. It depends on your brand. 

Final Words

Keeping the website updated with current designs and trends is significant. A Pimcore development company can help you implement the upcoming trends in web design and development. It will help you provide the users with an amazing experience, so they trust you and think about your brand with admiration.

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