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7 Ways SEO Service Providers Can Protect Your Website

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There’s no doubt that SEO is a key component of website success, but what do you do if someone else takes advantage of your hard work to rank higher on Google? This blog post will discuss 7 ways SEO link-building services can help protect your website against these attacks.

As a website owner, you want to ensure your website is as secure as possible to keep your users safe. Unfortunately, some negative SEO practices can compromise your website’s security.

There are many ways SEO service providers can help protect your website from being hacked. But, it’s important to know what they are and how to use them. We’ll tell you how SEO resellers can protect your website. 

Let’s dive in. 

Connection Between SEO Link-Building Services and Website Protection

A website owner needs a good ranking to expand their business and earn organic traffic, which is why you need SEO reseller services. But, regarding your website, you also want to ensure you get the best protection. 

What if you don’t have the time or resources to do the SEO and security job yourself? That’s where SEO service providers come in.

An SEO link-building service provider can make or break your website’s security. The SEO experts can help you improve your website’s SEO and security through certain practices. You not only gain more visitors and leads, but you also avoid harmful links and hackers from attacking your website. 

You may be wondering how that’s possible. How can negative SEO make your website vulnerable to cyber attacks, and how can SEO itself protect it from them? We’ll tell you. 

You can protect your website by following the best whitehat SEO practices that we will discuss below.

7 Practices SEO Service Providers Follow for Site Protection

Regarding SEO, you want your site to be secure to keep your rankings up and avoid any penalties. You must take every precaution to ensure the website is as safe as possible. But how do you do it? SEO service providers follow some practices to ensure your website.

SEO Service

We’ll outline seven practices SEO service providers follow to protect their clients’ sites from SEO threats.

  1. They can use good quality backlinks
  2. They do website audits.
  3. They use secure plugins.
  4. They can use a secure server.
  5. They can use encryption.
  6. They can use a firewall. 
  7. Use secure email communication.

Let’s get to the details of each practice and discuss how it benefits your website’s protection.

  • Quality Backlinking 

Backlinking is crucial to building your website’s reputation and is also one of the primary duties of a reseller SEO service provider. They follow the strongest approach to building links for your website by complying with the search engine’s guidelines. But, they also focus on the user’s intent and natural language processing while promoting your website through SERPs.

How SEO Resellers Do White Hat SEO?

For white hat SEO, SEO experts pay attention to your website’s current performance analytics and look for points of improvement. The specialists provide solutions around your website’s security, like quality links and disavow bad links using tools like Google console. 

  • Rigorous Websites Audits

Regular website audits are very important to ensure your website’s security. These audits reveal the loopholes that SEO resellers can fix without wasting time. These audits are carried out using smart techniques and robust tools like Ahrefs or Semrush. A security audit is a surefire way to nip the black hat SEO threats in the bud.

Benefits of Regular Website Audits:

  • Finding security threats 
  • Fixing security threats using different techniques.
  • Take preventive measures to avoid these issues in future.

These site audits can be complicated for you, so we’d suggest you let experts take care of them. SEO resellers have hands-on experience tackling complicated audits, so it’s time-saving and cost-effective to avoid potential website hacks.

  • SEO-friendly and Secure Plugins

No matter which website host you use, there are some plugins you can benefit from in terms of SEO. But do they also fit your website’s security measures? You won’t know unless you have sufficient knowledge in this field. But guess what? Professional SEO resellers have a complete picture of how plugins work.

Some SEO-friendly and Secure WordPress Plugins According to Neil Patel:

  • Yoast SEO
  • RankMath 
  • One SEO Pack
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Broken Link Checker

These are good for a website’s SEO but are also decent enough to use when keeping the security factor in mind. 

  • Secure Host Server

Using a secure host server for your website is of utmost importance for your website’s protection from hackers. A server that provides rock-solid security is an ideal server that SEO link-building services take care of. While analyzing your website, the Whitelabel SEO reseller will assess whether the host server is reliable.

Perks of Secure Server

With an SEO reseller service, you can opt for a secure server that deters the hacks right off the bat. You won’t have to work on everything because the server contributes its fair share to your website’s protection.

  • Website’s Encryption

Your website will need encryption as an additional layer of security for your domain. You sure have a password to log in, but is it strong enough for hackers to guess? 

How SEO Link-Building Services Encrypt Your Website?

SEO reseller services will analyze the website and guide you about the encryption stage. They use website encryption that’s harder to crack for anyone trying to gain access to your website. The SEO link-building services can hide your internet activity from intruders using the encrypted web. 

The negative SEO actors can try all they want, but with encryption and top-notch protection, they cannot thrust into your website. The passwords need to be composed of upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, and symbols.

  • Firewalls for Domain Spams

Firewalls are beneficial tools that protect your domain from all kinds of SEO traffic flowing in through low-quality backlinks. A firewall application used by SEO link-building services tracks all the inbound and outbound traffic. It’s not the only effective tip; it sure helps your website maintain its sovereignty. 

Firewall Applications Helps with: 

  • Monitoring website traffic according to the defined website privacy policies.
  • Protects your website from harmful cookies and SQL scams.

Professional SEO link-building services use paid firewall software to kill the malicious germs before they get the power to hurt your website’s ranking. It’s another security layer that helps in safeguarding your website.

  • Secure Outreach Email Communication

Email outreach is one of the most popular ways to engage in guest posting, and SEO service resellers often use this technique. But, if they make a minor mistake, the emails are sent to the wrong addresses. This can trigger malicious actors as they can trace back to your website. 

3 Ways to Initial Email Outreach Securely

Target the valid email and the right person.

Don’t use templates because they are prone to hacks.

Use Gmail’s plugin to track the emails and monitor the process.

Email outreach is essential to your SEO but can also risk your website’s security. So, you have to keep it under supervision, and SEO link-building services take this responsibility head-on for you.

Negative SEO’s Impact on Website Security 

Negative SEO is your rival’s way to damage your website’s ranking using black hat tactics like building low-quality links, hacking websites, deleting content and more.

Negative SEO Attacks:

  • Your website can be a target for malicious actors if the negative SEO is building spammy or low-quality backlinks to your website.
  • Low quality links can be opposite to the content you support. Your website can be linked with words like ‘casino, gambling, pornography or fraudulent projects on the internet. It signals that your website is not worthy enough to present to search engine users.
  • Once your website becomes subject to spam, you can lose all your content.
  • Hackers can even attempt to hack your website if the SEO is negative and strongly affecting your reputation. 
  • Malicious actors can enter your website, delete all your content, delete good-quality links, and share your content without rights.

Negative SEO tactics can take away your hard work of many years if you don’t identify or combat them in time. Due to their expertise and experience, SEO resellers can do it for you and save you from any misfortune on the way.


SEO is important for a website, and it’s a known fact, but are we prepared for what the traffic can bring? There are a dozen security factors to consider. It can be overwhelming for you, which is why there are experts on standby to help you out. 

When you use the Whitehat SEO services and the right tools to protect your website, you can protect your site while the SERP rankings improve.

The reseller SEO service providers will audit your website to ensure you are covered in security. Since a website’s security and SEO ranking are interlinked, working on one factor will directly impact the other. 

Choose your SEO services and invest wisely to avoid future mishaps.

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