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7 trends of digital marketing for 2023

7 trends of digital marketing for 2023

The face of digital marketing has kept on evolving, and it has constantly enabled marketers to learn new concepts. The innovation of digital marketing has leveraged many companies to make precise decisions based on customer journeys and behavioral aspects.

Due to the shift in customer behavior has set the path to creating better alternative and search engine algorithms. Companies must stay updated with the latest trends to grow and thrive in the crowded marketplace.

In this blog, we will understand digital marketing trends, which are going to make smarter business decisions.

  • Artificial intelligence

The term Artificial intelligence itself is a buzzword in this recent times and has hugely attracted human attention. Nearly 83% of companies say that artificial intelligence is their top priority in making business plans. But how could artificial intelligence help marketers? Well, let’s make it clear.

It has provided precise information for people and also enabled many companies to create relevant ad campaigns. According to Gartner, artificial intelligence will help to improve customer satisfaction by up to 25%. It is an effective technology that can be used to satisfy both company and customer needs. It assists in understanding customer behavior, purchase decisions, and customer journey on the website, which assists marketing professionals in creating better marketing plans. It also pushes content marketing activities smoothly by understanding customer engagement.

AI innovations like machine learning, chatbots, and deep learning can also be used for further marketing activities. Finally, AI is a remarkable technology that might make a significant transition in the marketing and advertising domain.

  • Influencer marketing

A massive number of b2c brands have skyrocketed their revenue with the help of influencers like athletes, celebrities, musicians, dancers, and so on who have influence in their field. Also, many influencers have built their brand with the power of influence marketing. It has enabled many businesses to reach their potential customers and get more leads.

The influence market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32% to reach USD 31.7 billion by 2026. If you aspire to become an influencer, you don’t require huge popularity or to get featured in top magazines. You just need to produce engaging content on what you are interested in. Influencer marketing has supported many businesses to scale.

Hubspot says that 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. These staggering figures denote the future growth of influencer marketing, and leveraging your business with influencer marketing shall be a splendid way to grow.

  • Short-form video Marketing

All the social media platforms have delivered fantastic value for business people to promote their valuable products and services. In recent years, the short-form video marketing has been considered a potential tool to maximize business growth. Many marketing professionals believe that customers love to see the brand advertisement in video format, which has been an effective form of content. Nearly 86% of marketers use video marketing as their content marketing tool.

Because when it comes to short video marketing, businesses could enticingly showcase their products within a few seconds. Due to this, customers even don’t feel it is an advertisement, and there is a chance to purchase their products. 64% of global customers make purchase decisions after seeing a brand’s social videos.

The short-form video content like Instagram reels, Tik-Tok videos and other social media short-form videos are captivating a huge customer base to purchase a product. If you aspire to learn those concerts enroll yourself in extensive digital marketing training and get enlightened through that. By leveraging your marketing efforts with short-form video content, one could grow their business to further levels.

  • Voice search

27% of the global population uses voice search for queries on their mobile devices. The voice search has soared in recent times and made considerable changes in the humankind. Nearly 41% of US adults utilize voice search to get desired search results. This technique has driven marketers to analyze precise customer behavioral information and create better marketing campaigns accordingly.

More than text queries, voice text has resulted in improved search results. As a digital marketing professional, including voice search in the website, helps to bring more opportunities.

  • Personalized email marketing

Many companies have witnessed enormous growth using email marketing campaigns. As the name suggests, personalized emails are emails that are sent in a customized way. Customers usually do not open promotional emails, but if the subject lines are personalized, they might open the emails.

Personalized emails are an excellent way to communicate with your customers and share compelling stories. It helps to grab customers’ attention and inform them about your upcoming campaigns.

  • Social media shopping

Thousands of companies are leveraging their social media marketing efforts to increase engagement and sales. It has enabled many companies to tell their customers a story and acted as a platform for selling their products effectively.

Many brands are streaming live videos and producing engaging short video content to gain more sales and customer relationships. Specifically, the b2c brands created a robust opportunity to sell their products by posting content. Additionally, it builds customer loyalty and engagement.

  • NFT

The term metaverse, NFT, and AI have been the buzzing topic around tech space. Nowadays, the,  NFT( Non-fungible token) is significantly impacting the art and technology industry.  It also helped many marketing professionals to sell their products. NFT tokens have widened the opportunities for marketing a product and attracting many customers to their doorstep. So, by learning NFT concepts, one can market their product innovatively.

To conclude

In this digital age, there are numerous opportunities scattered around the world to sell your products and services. As a digital marketer, it depends upon your caliber of choosing the apt platform to promote your brand. Many digital marketers have executed better marketing plans using these trends. Staying touch with the current trend might consume all your productivity, and you couldn’t concentrate more on your strengths. Instead of worrying about this factor there are various digital marketing services who are there to help you.


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