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7 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

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7 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney .Accidents are scary, and going through a legal battle while recovering from significant injuries may feel overwhelming. However, getting fair compensation for your damages depends on it. Usually, personal injury claims must be filed quickly after the accident, so hiring a personal injury attorney is crucial. But, how to find the best one? Here are some qualities that you should look for: 


7 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney 

Experience and Knowledge

Texas is very particular when it comes to personal injury claims. You want to hire someone who has specific knowledge about federal and state laws that pertain to your situation. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer because it seems cheaper may cost you more. A knowledgeable and experienced Griffith attorney understands every step of the process, from the investigation and evidence gathering phases to the best strategies to argue your case in court.

A Good Success Record

A track record of success speaks for itself. Choose an attorney who can answer questions like: 

  • How many cases similar to mine have you represented? 
  • How many did you win? 
  • What are the main differences you recognize between the cases you won and those you lost? 
  • Considering your experience, can you give me an estimated timeline for my case? 
  • Can you mention some situations in which you would recommend settling and some that you consider that should continue to trial? 


One of the first steps of the process is telling your attorney exactly how your accident happened and how it has affected your life. As the process unfolds, you’ll also need to disclose personal information, including private and sometimes painful details. An empathetic lawyer needs to understand your emotions personally and be able to convey those emotions to others (during negotiations or a trial).  

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While empathy is a soft skill that can be hard to evaluate, there are a few traits that describe an empathetic professional: 

  • They try to anticipate your needs 
  • They make it clear that they are available if you need them 
  • They listen to you without interrupting

Communication and Negotiation Skills

Oral and written communication skills are essential traits of a good lawyer. They will need to negotiate and speak on your behalf in many circumstances, including insurance companies, other lawyers, and the court. You’ll be able to assess your potential lawyer’s communication skills during the first consultations. If you feel that they convey their points, that they are ready to answer your questions, and that they can help you understand the complicated legal jargon, you may have found a good match.  


Your case should be a priority to your lawyer. Ensure that they are available to answer your questions when you need them, whether via text, email, phone call, or in-person meetings. An experienced lawyer will understand that you are going through a lot of stress during the process and will try to answer your questions fast. Before hiring a lawyer, ask the following questions: 

  • How will I be able to reach you? 
  • Will I be able to call or text you if I have questions about the case? 
  • Who will take over if there’s an emergency regarding my case and you are unavailable? 
  • How do you prepare your clients before a trial? 


If a lawyer offers strategies that seem fishy or not entirely legal, run. A lawyer who compromises their integrity will do it again, and it will most definitely play against you. Your lawyer’s strategies should always remain unquestionable, and you must work your case with someone you can fully trust. An excellent way to assess an attorney’s integrity is by references and recommendations from previous clients.  

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Much as health care professionals, lawyers specialize in specific aspects of the law, such as family law or corporate law. Because personal injury claims are so particular, you want to find a lawyer specializing in this type of law. They will better understand all the nuances of the law that can play for or against you, and they will have access to a network of other professionals (investigators, mediators, etc.), whose expertise can significantly increase your chances of winning the case. 

 An excellent way to find Houston personal injury attorneys with all the above characteristics is through personal recommendations. If no one you know can recommend a reasonable attorney, you can search through the bar association. Most accident lawyers offer first consultations for free, so you don’t need to settle for the first one you visit.  

 Due diligence is essential before hiring a lawyer. You need to ensure that whoever you choose to represent can get you the best compensation possible. While it is necessary to move forward with your claim as soon as possible, rushing to select a lawyer is something you may regret later. 

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