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7 Creative Ideas you can to Do with Your Smartphone

Some say having a smartphone has everything they need, including paying bills. Back in the olden times, people used mobile phones for communication, nothing more and nothing less. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first handheld cellular phone that allowed people to make long-distance calls rather than just a landline phone. Now, mobile phones have turned into smartphones that have revolutionary features. You can instantly access to check the time, browse SMS and news updates, and turn into a camera, map, notepad, calendar, calculator, and music player.

However, have you ever wondered what you could do with your smartphone aside from scrolling endlessly? Perhaps, something unusual like having aesthetic wallpapers or cool games. It has the most potent tools that perfectly fit your pocket. This article listed seven ideas you may find helpful and interesting for your smartphone. 

1.Install a Personal Assistant with Voice Recognition

It is challenging to keep up with life because of heavy workloads and busy schedules. A voice-activated assistant works as your secretary on your phone. It can answer phone calls and help you throughout your entire day. For instance, it helps track your scheduled tasks and the correlation of information. Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are two popular voice-activated assistants that can also answer your questions. 

An excellent personal assistant will boost your productivity by doing busy work like research and message answering. Moreover, Lyra Virtual Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, the Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant, the DataBot Assistant, the Robin AI Voice Assistant, Jarvis, AIVIC Alice, the Dragon Mobile Assistant, and the iReparo for Android are among the best smartphone personal assistants.

2.Grab a Book Using Your Phone

If you are a bookworm that loves to carry a book anywhere, this is for you! Now, you can read anytime and anywhere that you bring along in your pocket. Several apps provide Ebook services, such as Kindle, Wattpad, Kobo books, Libby, etc. It offers thousands of books to read using your phone or tablet. Some E-books are audiobooks that allow you to continue learning even if you don’t have the urge to sit down and read. You can listen to Audiobooks while doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, running, driving, or even gardening. It helps you to stay mentally fit and stay more focused throughout the entire day.  

3.Be a Multilingual with Language Learning Apps

Who knows if you can learn a new language every single day? Language learning apps made it possible! You don’t have to be concerned about not having one for your studies. But, you’ll be even more confused about which one to choose. Several language learning applications could teach you to master different languages with a few clicks. With the help of a mobile app, you can learn any language of your choice and any course relevant to your current skill level. 

Language learning mobile apps are helpful for those people who travel frequently. It is also beneficial for those individuals planning to migrate to a country that has an entirely different language from theirs. Moreover, if you want to be equipped with skills and learn more languages, these language mobile apps allow you to access several books, programs, trainers, and speakers. These mobile applications are affordable too! 

4.Setup Microsoft Office on Your Phone

Sometimes you are caught up in heavy traffic, but you have to do a presentation or work obligations. Lucky you because you can easily access your work anywhere with the help of your phone. Installing Microsoft office productivity tools such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint helps you be productive and convenient anywhere. Microsoft Office tools are now available for Android and iOs. Moreover, you can also install google services like google docs, spreadsheet, etc. 

5.Install Podcast Apps to Sleep Better

Indeed, browsing and scrolling for almost half of your day are tiring and exhausting. A relaxing podcast can ease them and helps you relax from the noises. Several podcast apps provide soothing music designed to have a better sleep. You can choose from various sounds that will make you relax. It is better to listen to podcasts via headset. Moreover, it can help you sleep better and increase productivity.  

6.Track Your Fitness Status with Health and Lifestyle Apps

Health practitioners can now answer the health queries about your annual physicals anywhere you are. Maintaining regular communication with your health practitioner, checking test results, and inquiring through authorized platforms is not a choice but a necessity. Several health apps can be linked to mobile phones to fix sleep patterns, get health advice, guided meditation, etc. Indeed, wellness is accessible wherever people go. “Health To-Go,” as some say. 

No matter the category you’re looking for, there’s a program and app for you! Moreover, a healthy lifestyle includes more than just good nutrition and regular exercise. Staying healthy also requires taking care of your body and mind and managing medications and doctor’s appointments. A good health and fitness app is a great way to handle everything! 

7.Use Your Camera for Taking Important Notes

Smartphone cameras are built to take photos and videos of you or a good view from your last vacation. Why not extend the purpose of a camera and turn it into a search book with all the essential things you should remember. It allows you to save time by taking pictures rather than making a long list of information. 

For example, you could snap a picture of your refrigerator to see missing items. It saves time and effort in making a grocery list. Another example, you could take a picture of files for future preferences, such as your home address, passport, prescriptions, car’s license plates, etc. You can save time by not having to look up information since you store it inside your phone. It is convenient and impressively helpful too! 

In a Nutshell,

A smartphone can function more than you think. It has several services that meet the basic needs of individuals. Indeed, it is functional and handy too! We hope that this article has helped you. Check out more at

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