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6 Cheapest States in the USA Where You Can Move

Who doesn’t want to live in a state that is the cheapest? Everyone! In a cheap state, everything is affordable, even cable services from cable giants like Cox customer service number fall within an average consumer’s budget.

It has been evident that Americans have left overpriced cities to live in more affordable locations, giving the rising property costs and the possibility to shift work easier than before.

The Council For Community And Economic Research conducted a study and found that Mississippi is the state with the lowest cost of living. If you are looking for cheaper options, here are the list of states that are considered affordable based on the median home prices:

1: Mississippi

Mississippi has a cost of living index score of 84.8 and it ranks on the top of the list when it comes to cheapest states to live in the USA. The state is known for its warm weather and amazing outdoor recreational activities for its residents.

Even with the inflation ratio soaring higher, Mississippi is affordable. From burgers to housing costs, energy bills, and more, everything is affordable in this state.

Average House Price: $247,812

Monthly Energy Bill: $153.76

2: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the second cheapest state to live in with a cost of living index score of 87.2. It’s not just economical (due to extremely low home costs), but it is also a fantastic place to live in. the state’s strong economy, job opportunities, and welcoming residents are some of the reasons to move here.

A load of bread here in Oklahoma is 30 percent less than that what’s being sold in Portland, Oregon. Plus, the energy bill is so much affordable. Did you know about Milpitas apartments for rent in California state for a two-bedroom unit was $502 only!

Average House Price: $316,455

Monthly Energy Bill:  $152.87

3: Arkansas

Arkansas has the lowest housing prices in the US, with residents paying an average of $708 per month on rent or mortgages. This is less than half of what many others pay. The price of a median home here is $128,800.

Food, utilities, transport, and other expenses are low. Not only is Arkansas the 3rd cheapest state in America when it comes to the cost of living, but it is also the state with the second-lowest salaries in the USA.

The Cost of Living Index in Arkansas is 87.8. Besides the affordability, residents here enjoy a high quality of life because of the beauty, outdoor attractions, and livable cities.

Average House Price: $371,333

Monthly Energy Bill:  $143.00

4: Kansas

Kansas is another cheaper state to live in because of the extremely low house prices, comparatively low grocery, and affordable public transport. More than just plains and agriculture can be found throughout the state. Newcomers will discover a wealth of culture, family-friendly communities, and outstanding educational opportunities.

The cost of living index score here is 87.5. The food here is highly affordable. You would be surprised to learn about the price of a good steak!

Average House Price: $299,018

Monthly Energy Bill: $159.30

 5: Missouri

If you haven’t yet visited Missouri, you can always catch a glimpse of it in the top-grossing Netflix show “Ozark.”

It is the state with the lowest real estate price, hands down! A four-bedroom home will cost you just $200,000! Groceries are also cheap. A dozen eggs will cost you $1.32 in Joplin.

The Cost of Living Index in Missouri is 88.9. Its economy is healthy and there are plenty of job opportunities. You won’t be disappointed if you move here. Watching a movie in Kansas City is 30 percent less than what it costs in Hollywood.

Average House Price: $299,164

Monthly Energy Bill: $157.13

 6: Alabama

A 2,400 square foot home with four bedrooms and 2 baths on a decent-sized property in Auburn – if that’s what your idea of dream home looks like, Alabama is for you. Celebrate this smart purchase in Alabama with a bottle of wine which costs 25 percent less than what it does in Atlanta.

Alabama’s cost of living index score is 89.4. This state is also known for Auburn University as well as the University of Alabama.

Average House Price: $309,875

Monthly Energy Bill: $179.77


Other states that could be included in this list are New Mexico, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana. If you want to find an affordable home and live in a state where food, education, and the overall cost of living is affordable, choose from the above-listed states.

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