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5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Colour for Light-starved Spaces

5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Paint Colour for Light-starved Spaces

Colour is an essential component of design and may significantly impact how we feel in our homes. However, choosing a colour might be difficult for many people because so many options are available. In addition, the photographs we use as inspiration frequently come from regions with very different climates from our own, and while bright and bold colours look great in sunny locales, they don’t work as well in places with less light. Hence choosing the best paint colours for low light rooms  I know a lot about colours due to my experience being one of the top rated Wall Painter in Bangalore; here are a few guidelines and tips to follow when selecting the ideal paint for soft light and poorly lit spaces.

How to select the Perfect Paint Colour for Light-starved Spaces

Here I have listed a few tips given by experts worldwide on how to select the Perfect Paint Colour for Light-starved Spaces.

Tip 1: Avoid Bright White Interior Paint.

Painting a dark or north-facing room white to make it appear bright is a typical mistake. This doesn’t work and may even give the impression that the room is frigid. Instead, focus on creating a cosy atmosphere in the space.

Tip 2: Examine Earthy Colours Outside As Well

Tones with a faintly earthy tint tend to perform best when choosing exterior paint colours because they are warm. The external cladding, in this instance, is a warm, inviting grey hue with a subtle green tint. If the majority of the year is spent with grey or white skies, choosing a warm exterior colour can ensure that your house always looks its best. A completely different approach must be adopted when choosing paint colours for low light rooms as highly rated NoBroker wall painters in Bangalore would suggest. .

Tip 3: Add Some Green To Your Neutrals

I would avoid using any neutral colour with even the slightest trace of pink or peach for space with low natural light. These tones may seem invitingly warm in cooler climates, but they are exceedingly tough to live with. This is especially true for neutral colours, like magnolia, whose warmer undertones seem to contrast with everything. The light is so powerful in sunnier areas, so hot and bright colours look good. Cooler hues are required for weaker lighting, at least for neutrals.

Tip 4: Make A Centre Point

Using a solid colour for painting light-starved spaces is a fantastic approach to designate different zones in an open area and to establish a focal point in a space with variable lighting. For example, grey in the living room, a dark shade, actually serves as a neutral tone, contrasting gorgeously with the lighter hues and making an excellent background for art. Choose the darker, earthier end of the colour spectrum when choosing dark tones. Compared to a colder grey with blue and purple overtones, this warm grey has sandy undertones, making it considerably softer and warmer. You may look at a color wheel for better understanding.

Tip 5: Keep A Basic Colour Scheme.

A simple colour scheme works well in locations with regular cloud cover, whereas rooms in sunny climates with more direct sunshine may handle a rainbow of colours. So, keep the remainder of the design basis for a clear contrast if you intend to paint a gloomy or north-facing space in a vibrant tone. On the other hand, a room shouldn’t have too many vibrant colours because they will continue to compete with one another. Here, a monochromatic colour scheme produces a calm and refined ambience according to expert wall painters in Bangalore from NoBroker.

Pro Tip: Put Dark Window Walls In A While Painting Light-Starved Spaces.

A dark shade may make a dramatic statement in rooms with expansive windows. Due to the lack of direct sunlight, the wall with the panes is the heaviest in the space, making it the perfect surface for painting a dark colour. The grey in this kitchen pulls up the veining in the stunning marble island, demonstrating how well modern colours can function in a vintage setting. This great shade of grey has an undertone that is slightly earthy, making it fit wonderfully with the dim light.


So, You must have got an idea that always starts with the colours you enjoy and are fond of which suit your room while looking for the perfect interior paint colours. You don’t have to be constrained by conventional colour schemes for a particular decorating style when you commence with the hues you adore for painting light-starved spaces. If you are looking for trusted and affordable wall painter in Bangalore, do consider booking a free consultation by visiting


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