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5 Steps Used By Shopify SEO Agency To Optimize Your Store For Search Engines

As per a report by in July 2020, Shopify visits reached 63.3M. Therefore, if you desire to outrank your competitors in this competitive field, optimizing your Shopify store for SEO is the best way. It is an effective way to rank on top of search results like Google and expose your store in front of potential customers.

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms that carry different personalized and SEO-friendly features itself. Shopify is used by plenty of powerful global brands like Red Bull, Gymshark, Tesla Motors and Pepsi. However, it can be a little daunting to take the maximum advantage of Shopify’s inbuilt SEO features without having significant knowledge about the same. So the best way is to partner with a high-qualified Shopify SEO agency and leverage SEO to increase your sales on Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Once you maintain the top position on search results, you will experience free and high-converting traffic for your business. Around 49% of shoppers use Google to find a new product or service. So if your website doesn’t appear in any of the search results, you might be losing a large fraction of your potential clients. In today’s time, online visibility is everything to increase your sales.

Some of the most effective ways that every Shopify SEO expert will use to rank your website on top are given below:

Original content using the right keywords

Every Shopify SEO service’s first step is thorough keyword research to find out a list of high-volume keywords. The next step is to curate informative, engaging and high-quality content using those keywords. Duplicate and copied content can put your website into grave trouble. That is why your content needs to be 100% original. There is no penalty for the same, but it can affect your Google search rankings to a great extent. In addition, it will reduce your content’s performance, and you will struggle to showcase your content on several platforms. Duplicate content can happen on both offsite and onsite platforms.

Online duplication is when the same content is available on two or more URLs. On the other hand, offsite duplication occurs when more than one website publishes similar content.

Intuitive Shopify SEO structure

Ensure that your Shopify SEO company optimizes your Shopify’s store elements like load times, site structure, UI, and product pages to stand out in the competition. In addition, your Shopify SEO structure needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate for better results. For example, when you add more pages to your Shopify store, try to include a link on each page.

Different types of structures for your Shopify store are as follows:

  • Sequential: This structure offers a step-by-step method for your visitors to reach your homepage.
  • Hierarchical: This structure is like a tree trunk where the homepage acts as a trunk, whereas the pages act like branches.
  • Matrix: This structure lets your visitors go wherever they want to.

Make use of store tags

Shopify store tags are personalized descriptors through which you can categorize your products, transfers, blog posts, customer data etc., that will improve your marketing tactics and business communication. You can use these tags as keywords on your content, meta descriptions and title tags.

All in All,

The best practices used by a Shopify SEO agency to optimize your store for better conversion rates include creating original content using relevant and high-volume keywords. In addition, create an easy-to-use structure that gathers attention and engages your clients to stay at your website for more shopping. Using product tags is also an excellent way to categorize your product and rank on top of search engines.

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