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5 Simple Skincare Tips For Travel

The anticipation of a vacation! The food tour, picnic, outdoor games, and time to relax make it easy to neglect your beauty routine. 

Traveling can be stressful, even when you’re going to an exquisite location. The stress associated with it can ruin your skin’s equilibrium. There are millions of thoughts in your head and your skin will be the last on your mind. Interestingly, your travel skincare routine should not be like rocket science. Find out more about Holidays for over 50’s check out Fun over 50 Holdays.

Traveling can come with new skincare woes, and you don’t want your vacation to be the trigger for your sunburn or skin breakouts.  

If you’re at the top of your skincare game, you would not want your vacation to knock you off. However, you can keep your skin as healthy as possible with some travel skincare tips.  

Having a long and complicated list of travel skincare routines is not necessary. Only a little planning is required to keep your skin refreshed and calm.   

Simple Skincare Tips For Travel 

Dermatologists recommend packing your skin-care products during travels for skin emergencies or fluctuations. It could include acne-fighting products like salicylic acid or exfoliating lotion like the Lotion P50 PIGM 400

Your skin health will be maintained appropriately when you abide by these skincare tips. And you won’t have to worry about skin breakouts or dehydration. Regular care during travel is the first that can ensure a healthy skin.  

Here are some of our favorite travel skincare tips. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen. 

Sunscreen goes a long way in contributing to your skin looks and taking care of it. Good sunscreen is the secret to healthy skin for some people.  

When traveling, keep your sunscreen within reach because it is necessary to keep the sun away. Rain or sunshine, protect your skin before the sun damage happens. The sun is at its hottest and damaging between 10 am and 3 pm.  

Be sure to include sunscreen in your travel skincare essentials wherever you’re traveling.  

  1. Rehydrate Skin 

Airplanes have a way of making our skin dry. Your body loses moisture because of the low humidity levels in the cabins. Not only does the skin get dehydrated, but this is also why we find ourselves grabbing extra bottles of water.  

To stop more moisture loss in the skin, use a hydration helper to boost moisture levels in your skin. It will relieve your tight, dry skin irritation caused by the long-haul flight.  

Carrying a facial mist around can also be helpful because it helps to hydrate the skin and keep it refreshed. You add moisture to your skin when you spritz the facial most on it. It is beneficial for people with combination or dry skin.  

  1. Stick To Your Normal Routine 

There are various reasons behind fluctuations in the skin during travel. New temperature, pollution levels, switching soft or hard water, and fluctuating humidity are some of these reasons. Because your skin does not know you are on holiday, you need to prep it before disembarking. But try as much as possible to stick to your normal skin-care routine.  

Trying to keep up with your usual routine is ideal as far as it is working. If you find yourself dealing with skin conditions, try to be consistent with your routine. Deviating from normal can lead to fluctuations in your skin.  

You must keep to your home routine, or you risk breaking out. 

  1. Focus On True Essentials  

The struggle of keeping the kilos down is eternal. One way to deal with this is picking essentials and multitasking products. Sheet mask? It is an excellent alternative for serums and special creams that you will need. It boosts skin quality, improves skin glow, hydrates the skin, and they don’t take up extra space in your luggage.  

If you need to pack light for your travel, stick with the essentials. You can skip out on some things for the time being if you need to.  

Be creative if your essential skincare products don’t come in travel sizes. The easiest is to transfer those products to mini containers.

  1. Observe Your Beauty Sleep 

Not observing enough sleep can make your skin prone to different issues. Lack of sleep is never good for the body, not even the skin. Always try to observe a good night’s sleep during travels to prevent travel-related skin issues.  Invest in some sleep-friendly accessories if you have to. Pillows, noise-blocking headphones, silk sleep masks, and warm clothes are helpful. Dim the light so your brain can think the sun is out and induce sleep. 


Travel affects your skin. It is hard to keep your skin at its best when you’re stressed, alternating routines, or dehydrated. But taking care of the skin during travel is simple.  

It only takes a little preparation.   

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