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5 Scriptless Testing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2022

5 Scriptless Testing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2022

Scriptless testing tools are used to test your web and mobile apps without writing code, saving you time and effort if you lack developer resources. They’re so useful that they’ve become an industry standard in most organizations. 

What kind of scriptless testing tools are available? Let’s discuss the 5 best scriptless tools.

What is Scriptless Testing?

Scriptless testing is software testing that does not require scripting or coding to create test cases. This can be a great time-saver for testers who are already familiar with the application under test and do not need to learn a new scripting language. Plus, scriptless testing can often be more user-friendly and easier to maintain than traditional scripted test automation frameworks.



Easily test your mobile applications and website on the cloud. With TestGrid, users can do automated testing of their mobile applications on real devices hosted on the cloud or on your premise without needing a script. This way, they can save time and focus on their goals.

Your testing and business teams can create and execute tests with TestGrid without having any prior coding experience. As a result, there is no need to rewrite different test cases with TestGrid. Users can reuse almost all of the tests across different versions of an app and perhaps even across different apps. Upgrade starting at $39/month from a free plan.


  • Automated mobile app and website testing using scriptless technology generate downloadable Appium and XCUITest codes.
  • You can use performance testing to optimize and improve your app.
  • Reuse, already written test cases on numerous apps.
  • Parallel testing is possible to speed up test execution and launch the product.
  • Both on-cloud as well as on-premise.


Automating web, desktop, mainframes, and other applications with AccelQ’s AI-powered scriptless test automation tool reduces testing time and effort with minimum effort. Designed for testing and Agile teams with Natural English Coding and Self-Healing capabilities, AccelQ brings a unified view of the entire Quality Engineering lifecycle integrated with popular and existing DevOps and Quality toolchains.

AccelQ’s easy-to-use UI provides a true Codeless experience for business users and domain specialists. Organizations are clamoring for features like Natural Language Programming, Intelligent Element Explorer, Extendible & Open Source Alignment, and Automated Test Generation.


  • Automated in a run with many deliberation layers. A force of self-mending that includes a runtime logic motor for strong automation.
  • No seller lock, extensible structure, open-source adjustable.
  • You will need to test your board and organizing skills.
  • Consistent CI/CD and Jira/ALM integration with common recognizability  
  • Visual application to demonstrate plan and lifecycle automation.
  • A codeless API and UI automation are two similar streams.
  • Computerized experiment age, information arranging.
  • Amazing AI-driven automation stage that is easy to use.

Katalon Studio

Kobiton’s mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for testing applications on real devices and to manage a device ranch. There is a feature in this scriptless test automation tool called Intelligent Test Automation on its foundation, which integrates Scriptless Appium test automation. If you have a manual or exploratory test, Kobiton will screen that for you and offer the option to convert it to an automation test.

Scriptless automation tests are run using Appium. Furthermore, Kobiton uses AI and Machine Learning to help fix the issue of weak content. For example, it can update Appium’s finder systems to discover new components on an application anytime, even when the x-path changes. Kobiton also offers automation tests as standard Appium test contents, even if you don’t need to have Appium knowledge.


  • Web, API, mobile, and desktop automation. You can deploy on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • It comes with project templates, test-case libraries, and object repositories
  • Advanced Business-driven Development Features
  • Automated generation of tests based upon UI changes
  • Capable of locating changes in an object and generating tests accordingly
  • Native plugins available for popular CI tools
  • Comprehensive and robust reporting capabilities
  • Integrations built-in include Issue Management, Test Management, Notifications, and Communication.

Cloud QA

Due to the popularity of cloud adoption, Agile teams are searching for cloud-specific solutions, Cloud QA being one of the most powerful and popular solutions. Beyond being just a Record and Playback tool, the platform claims to be much more, with the ability to develop, build, maintain, and execute tests with the built-in reporting tools, creating and scheduling regression test suites.


  • This solution is built, relying on Selenium, a leader in a framework for testing web applications. 
  • A complete platform that allows testing creation, editing, maintenance, and even reuse of components
  • Integration seamless with popular tools, such as Bug Tracking, ALM, Version Control, CI/CD, CI/CD, ALM, and others
  • Cloud infrastructure is easy to set up and requires minimal effort.
  • Cloud QA supports a variety of web applications and frameworks
  • Smart locators provide robust testing and allow you to run thousands of tests simultaneously.
  • With consumption-based pricing, low infrastructure, and low personnel requirements, it is recommended as the price-performance leader.  


A cloud-based, codeless selenium automation platform, LEAPWORK supports various applications, including SAP Testing, Windows, and Web. LEAPWORK lets your agile project team accelerate the automated testing process for quality assurance.

Designed for desktop and web applications, LEAPWORK features predefined building blocks and libraries for automation, allowing QA teams to save time and improve productivity.


  • Ability to reuse automated flows across different test cases.
  • Visualize flow builder using drag-and-drop building blocks. 
  • Supports parallel runs and cross-browser tests
  • Integration with the existing DevOps toolset is easy.
  • Smart recorder to capture test steps and run them automatically.
  • Capable of handling enormous volumes of data and supporting multiple data sources


If you’re looking for a way to streamline your testing process and make your life easier, scriptless testing is the way to go. These five tools will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. As development technologies evolve, these solutions will likely become even more beneficial as they continue to add new features and usability improvements.

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