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5 reasons why you should port your number

5 reasons why you should port your number

You might be one of those people who are currently thinking about switching to a different telecom provider. Now the question that haunts everyone is: ‘Should I even port my number?’ The answer is – yes! If you are indeed looking forward to changing your telecom carrier and wish to avail a better-priced plan with a greater set of benefits, then porting your number is the way to go.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should port your number.

A better set of benefits

The kind of benefits you are getting with your mobile plan is one of the key reasons why you are using it, right? Well, what if we told you that there is a mobile phone plan out there with even more benefits? Wouldn’t that be so much better? There, now you have your first reason to port your number to a different carrier.

You can save money

Secondly, it is well known that in India, people have always been price-conscious. In a competitive and ambitious market, it is only a matter of time before some telecom provider comes up with a phone plan that is better than the one you currently have. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to save some money and port your number, then why not go ahead with it?

Improved coverage

Telecom providers often promise you round-the-clock coverage, even in remote areas. But let’s face the facts. The truth is that certain areas get better coverage from one telecom provider and other areas get better coverage from another. So, if your neighbours told you that the other provider is better, you could simply port your number and see what it is all about.

Your phone number remains the same

The layman has always been worried about having to change his number while switching carriers. That is exactly what mobile number porting wishes to eliminate. By switching carriers, you can get on their plans, their benefits, etc. and yet you keep a similar phone number. Therefore, you will not have to fret about changing your number at all. Instead, complete your porting process and live your life in complete peace.

It is completely free

Now that we have mentioned the price once, it is important to note that the complete process of porting your number is completely free. Therefore, when you go to port your number, rest assured that you will not have to pay anything. However, do note that you will have to pay for a new plan to get your SIM activated and working via that specific plan. Other than that, there is no additional expenses.

Thus, porting your number is easy!

Therefore, as you can see, porting your mobile number does have a wide range of benefits for you. Hence, if you are indeed thinking, then you can go ahead and port the number. As for telecom operators, you could always port to Airtel, which is currently one of the most popular carriers.

Airtel does have a lot going for it after all – plenty of OTT benefits, unlimited calls, prepaid & postpaid packages, easy DND activation to escape from spam calls and a lot more. However, whenever you are porting your number, remember to keep the above-mentioned pointers. Only port your number if you see that there is a clear set of benefits that you can avail of. On the other hand, if you are only looking for more data, then simply upgrade your existing mobile plan and see if that does the trick for you.


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