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5 reasons engineering grads are engaging with data science

Engineering graduates make up 25% of the total number of admissions into courses in Data Science and AI Machine Learning. 

Despite a visible lack of experience in working in core technology domains, companies are hiring in large numbers from this group of data science students. Thanks to the rapid innovations in the field of data science, many industries have realized that they would need extensive training and upskilling of the existing workforce. Invariably, business leaders understand that it could cost their organizations millions in training with core data science courses even if it means doing it for a sustained duration of time. Even with the best training, it may not bear results in the long run as employees who are trained in data science could look out for opportunities elsewhere outside the organizations that spent the budget on training with data science. So, there has been a shift in the way data scientist courses are working out for enterprises. 

So, here are the five reasons why engineering students are taking a big liking to this exciting domain of learning and development.

Reason 1: Superior Marketing

Compared to any other industry in the world, data science is rising at a rapid pace. According to the latest research on advertising and marketing budgets, an AI ML company with 50+ team members in the development and operations department has a 500 times bigger marketing budget compared to those companies that are yet to invest in data science professionals. Clearly, data science companies are muscling their way ahead and marching forward with stupendous investments in not just marketing their products and services, but also in their brand image, targeting the next generation of engineering students who possibly look for opportunities in data science companies with big fat budges.

Reason 2: Engineering packages in IT and Computer Science dwarf out in comparison to data science 

Data science certification guarantees at least 2x times higher package to engineering students passing out from tier 1 and tier 2 BE and BTech colleges in India. The placements are planned and structured around students’ vocational training and competency in working in data science management projects where skills are imbibed through classroom training, internships and simulated Live experiments, and industrial coaching or mentoring. Even starters with full stack DevOps experience get a 1.5x times higher package than a fresher graduate with possible promotions with a much higher package in 12-18 months.

Reason 3: Proximity to core IT and Cloud computing

The technology space is changing rapidly and the only way engineering students can stay close to the action is by working with a talented group of data engineers and data scientists. Data scientist courses fulfill this ambition by providing ample resources, training, and opportunities, right from day 1. For example, the training is provided by an industry expert who could be either working in a high profile role in a data science company or could be a consultant advising data science teams to manage their projects. The training and mentoring itself prepare students from engineering backgrounds to meet the expectations. During the interviews, the first hand knowledge of working with IT and cloud computing models taught in online classes and live tests come to a big advantage. 

Reason 4: Data science certification has a longer shelf life

Now, this is where reality strikes. Data science certification is a hardcore engineering badge that would allow you to grab an opportunity anywhere for the next 5-6 years at least. You could be engaging with the industry through online training, mentoring, workshops, open source modeling, or a full time stack developer. Opportunities are endless – and a data science certification, unlike other professional IT courses provides longer shelf life benefits to students and trainers. Of course, one data science certification often leads to another, and thereon, you become a hardcore data scientist within a 3 to 4 years time span.

Reason 5: Data science jobs are “sexy”

Who doesn’t like to be in a role that is considered the best paying job in the world and garners admiration from all parts of the world! Data science does it for you. Today, 8 out of 10 data science companies are either directly working with the leading data science and AI course providers or internally developing AI and data science classroom training programs to boost the hiring efforts in their industries. Clearly, doing the first part is both cost effective as well as sustainable considering we have some of the best trainers associated with top data scientist courses in India.

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