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5 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories Everyone Should Have

Everyone has a different cooking lifestyle which often affects the kitchen accessories we keep stocked up in our kitchen. While some people prefer mortar and pestle others like to use electric grinders and mixers. Our selection of these essentials can also vary depending on the culture, space, and type of food we consume on a regular basis.

Based on the recipes, convenience, and preferences, there are a lot of kitchenware products we use and ignore. But there are a few home decor items dedicated to our cooking space that just make sense – whether you a health freak consuming salads every day or a homemaker preparing the most delicious meals, we all need kitchen organizers for systematically arranging our endless sauces and spices.

So, here is a list of some must-have kitchen accessories that will make your cooking space a Smarter Place to cook, store and experiment.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories

  1. Storage Carts & Baskets 

With a series of cutlery, mugs, and serving accessories in addition to all the spices and snack boxes, our kitchen counters are always covered with one or the other things. By introducing kitchen storage baskets in this space you will be able to organize all the small home decor items in your kitchen by creating more room. Based on the available space you can buy countertop carts or floor trolleys. Also, while buying metal storage baskets online make sure to invest in multiple tiered options for maximizing storage. You can find a wide variety of storage carts and baskets on different home decor online stores. We recommend using wooden and metal-based baskets as they are eco-friendly and more durable.

  1. Chopping Board

Cutting veggies directly on the counter should never be an option, because not only is it an unhygienic practice but it can also damage your countertops. And cutting stuff on a plate or tray is always a big no because it can damage its surface. Chopping boards are must-have kitchenware accessories that you need for following pretty much every recipe. Buy wooden Chopping boards online for sustainable and eco-friendly living. Wooden boards also have antibacterial qualities making them the perfect option.

Tip: Always keep two separate cutting boards for chopping meat and veggies. Also, research a bit about the wood, before buying a chopping board online as some type of woods tend to have certain aromas and flavors that can mess with your food.

  1. Mortar & Pestle Set 

While we 100% agree that using kitchen appliances is much more convenient, there are some recipes that just taste better when prepared manually in a mortar and pestle set. So, buy a mortar and pestle online, and keep a set handy for prepping the salads, salsa, guacamole, and your noona-style curry pastes.

  1. Tissue Holders 

A kitchen can be a messy place, with water, fruit juices, and curry in arms distance – there is always a high risk of accidental spills in a kitchen, so keeping tissues accessible in this space is the easiest way of keeping it nice and clean. You can buy a wide variety of handmade tissue holders online to make your cooking space more functional and can easily clean while you cook.

  1. Caddy aka Cutlery Set 

Without any permanent home, your cutlery can really create a mess on your counter. Being small the spoons and forks are often ignored, but we all have been in a situation where we couldn’t find a single spoon in our home. This is also because it’s very easy to lose them. So keep them organized in a cutlery stand, putting your chopsticks, forks, spoons, and knives in it.

If you don’t have any of these kitchen products, you should order them now from our home decor online store at

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