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5 Most-Visited Shopping Malls in Massachusetts for Shopping and People Watching

Shopping is a high-spirited activity – it is refreshing, gratifying, and makes you purchase many beneficial things. However, it is almost impossible to go on a shopping spree and traverse several things whenever a person goes on a trip. You’ll get everything from clothes to accessories to jewelry at the Massachusetts Mall.

Top 5 Shopping Malls in Massachusetts

This article includes the top 5 shopping malls that people can find in Massachusetts:

Colony Place:

One of the best shopping malls in Massachusetts, Colony Place, is an outdoor shopping centre with several restaurants and other shops. With more than 50 stores and restaurants, Colony Place offers a wide range of goods and services. There is ample free parking, and visitors can enjoy the many activities available. In addition, a free app provides special offers at many stores. For more information, visit Colony Place’s website. The Plaza is one of the largest open-air shopping centres in the New England area.

Holyoke Mall:

The Holyoke Mall is a large shopping centre in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Located in the Ingleside neighborhood, it is owned by Pyramid Companies. It features 135 stores and several restaurants. Visitors to the mall can also enjoy the large food court. Visitors to the mall can also purchase souvenirs, apparel, and more. This location is popular with both locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a place to shop in western Massachusetts, the Holyoke Mall is the place to go. The mall has nearly two million square feet of retail space and dozens of department and specialty stores.

Thornes Marketplace:

If you’ve ever visited Scotland, you may have heard of the town of Thornes. Its name, however, may not sound so familiar. That’s because the USA shopping mall is named after the town of Thornes, Scotland. Its quaint shops and restaurants offer a truly Scottish experience. Many locals say it’s even better than their vacation there! While shopping at Thornes Marketplace, you can even take home a souvenir or two. In 1871, Thornes began as a silk manufacturing company. Originally named McCallum’s Dry Goods, the mall now attracts more than 750,000 shoppers yearly.

The Shops at Chestnut Hill:

The Shop at Chestnut Hill is a two-level enclosed mall in the Chestnut Hills area of Newton, Massachusetts. It is one of the most popular places to shop in the city. It features several department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Ann Taylor. Located on Boylston Street, The Shops at Chestnut Hill is open seven days a week. The mall offers various types of merchandise and is home to various dining and entertainment options. There are many great dining and shopping options in The Shops at Chestnut Hill.

The Mall at Whitney Field:

The Mall at Whitney Field is a large, well-maintained, renovated shopping mall in Leominster, Massachusetts. The mall was originally opened in 1967 but has recently undergone a major renovation. As a result, two anchor stores have closed, but the mall has Burlington and JCPenney and a few other smaller stores. The mall is one of the best places to find affordable clothing in Leominster, Massachusetts. Originally known as Searstown Mall, the mall opened in 1967. At the time, the mall was criticized for lacking hip stores and layouts.

Assembly Row:

You’ve heard of Wrentham Village but never heard of Assembly Row Shopping Mall in Massachusetts. Located 40 minutes south of Boston, this new development has everything you’d expect from a modern mall – including a Legoland Discovery Centre, new housing, and a brand-new movie theatre. In addition to its shopping options, Assembly Row has plenty of restaurants, ice cream, and other types of entertainment. The complex also includes condos and apartments, making it an excellent place to live.

Wrapping Up:

Want to check out what people will find when heading to Massachusetts? Shopping is a very tension-buster activity, so visit the shopping mentioned above malls in Massachusetts and purchase great stuff from there.

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